Veritas backs up remote users

Veritas backs up remote users

Last month, Veritas Software rolled out two software suites that provide backup for remote/mobile users. The release of TeleBackup for Workgroups 2.5 and TeleBackup 2.05 are the first results of Veritas` acquisition of TeleBackup Systems.

TeleBackup for Workgroups 2.5 provides transparent, automated backup for desktop and mobile laptop users to a Windows NT server. The software employs policy-based client profiles that group users into logical categories and assign protection levels based on schedules, priorities, and data types. TeleBackup for Workgroups also uses Seagate Software`s Crystal Reports to provide real-time backup status updates while tracking usage to monitor disk growth.

TeleBackup 2.05 provides scheduled one-step backup and restore for desktop PCs and remote/mobile workforces. The software works with dial-up, LAN/WAN, and Internet connections, and concurrently supports as many as 4,000 Unix clients and 2,500 Windows NT clients.

To enhance system performance, TeleBackup 2.05 compresses data prior to transmission. Then, through Single Instance Storage technology, it sends only altered and new data blocks to the server. Four levels of security are also incorporated into the suite, including authentication codes for session validation up to random storage and binary identifiers.

Pricing for TeleBackup for Workgroups 2.5 starts at $3,750 for a single Windows NT server license supporting 50 users. TeleBackup 2.05 starts at $16,000 for a single-server Unix license. www.veritas.com.

This article was originally published on October 01, 1999