Mylex announces Ultra 160 RAID controllers

Posted on November 01, 1999

Mylex announces Ultra 160 RAID controllers

Mylex last month became the first controller vendor to announce products based on the 160MBps Ultra 160 SCSI standard, and hopes to be the first to market by shipping the products before the end of the year.

The company demonstrated the controllers, as well as a pair of PCI Fibre Channel controllers, at this month`s Comdex show. Other controller vendors, such as Adaptec, AMI, CMD, and DPT, are expected to ship Ultra 160 SCSI controllers early next year. The announcement coincides with initial shipments of Ultra 160 SCSI disk drives from a handful of drive manufacturers.

Mylex`s AcceleRAID 352 is an entry-level Ultra 160 SCSI controller that includes a 100MHz Intel i960RN RISC processor, two Ultra 160 LVD channels (each supporting up to 30 devices), a 64-bit 33MHz PCI 2.2-compliant bus, and 32MB or 64MB of SDRAM ECC. Mylex claims performance of more than 7,000 I/Os per second. Including management software, the AcceleRAID 352 is priced at $899.

The eXtremeRAID 2000 is a high-end Ultra 160 SCSI controller that is based on a 233MHz StrongArm 110 RISC processor, 64-bit PCI bus, up to 256MB of ECC cache, and four SCSI channels. Mylex claims performance of more than 8,000 I/Os per second, sustained data transfer rate of 200MBps, and a burst transfer rate of 266MBps. Pricing starts at $2,099.

The SANArray FFx is an entry-level PCI Fibre Channel RAID controller with a 233MHz StrongArm processor, dual 64-bit PCI bus design, one Fibre Channel-to-host channel and two FC-to-disk channels. For storage area network implementations, the controller features SANmapping (LUN-level zoning) and pinging. Cache size ranges up to 128MB, with a cached I/O rate of 7,500 in simplex mode or 15,000 I/Os per second in duplex mode. Prices start at $2,995.

Mylex`s eXtremeRAID 3000 is a high-end Fibre Channel PCI RAID controller that is spec`d at more than 8,000 I/Os per second, or a sustained data transfer rate of more than 190MBps. Hardware components include the 233MHz StrongArm, 64-bit 66MHz PCI bus, two Fibre Channel loop connections, and up to 256MB of cache. Price: $1,949.

All of the controllers support standard fault-tolerant features, Mylex`s EzAssist and Web Array Manager software, and all RAID levels.