NAS market getting crowded

NAS market getting crowded

Scrambling to get a piece of a market that is expected to approach $2 billion next year (and almost $4 billion in 2002), a number of vendors have jumped into the network-attached storage (NAS) arena. For example, fresh off its acquisition of Creative Design Solutions (CDS), Maxtor recently began shipping its MaxAttach appliance and Reflect-It software. With capacities of 18GB, 36GB, or 72GB (ranging from $999 to $1,999), the single-drive NAS file server includes auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet capability and three security modes, including NT pass-through. Reflect-It software includes scheduled, on-demand and real-time backup options; automatic synchronization for notebooks; and an unlimited user license. As do most low-end NAS vendors, Maxtor claims a setup time of less than 10 minutes. www.maxtor.com.

Western Digital`s Connex subsidiary also recently introduced a NAS server—the N3000—that provides RAID 5 functionality and up to 90GB of capacity on six Ultra2 SCSI LVD drives. The N3000 includes an internal AIT-2 tape drive for off-network backup, and supports the NDMP protocol. www.connex.com.

Relatively unknown Unicore Technologies Corp. has also introduced a NAS device—the NAServer--for departmental environments. The Ultra-SCSI device is based on Axis Communications` StorPoint NAS 1200 technology. Available in 5- or 10-bay configurations, the NAServer supports up to 500GB and includes built-in tape backup. www.unicoretech.com.

Last month, Quantum Corp. began shipping the most recent addition to its Snap Server series, the 10GB Snap Server 1000. Based on a single drive, the $499 SnapServer 1000 has a shoebox footprint and weighs less than four pounds, making it possible to use the device as a portable file server. PowerQuest`s DataKeeper software is bundled with the server for continuous backup. www.snapserver.com.

SciNet Inc. is now shipping the Blazer NAS server, the company`s first foray into the market. The workgroup array is designed to expand capacity and update its operating system without system shutdown. Blazer provides storage to Windows clients operating on a network and appears as if it`s attached to a Windows NT file server. Blazer is available in four models, ranging from 20GB to 80GB. Suggested pricing is $1,195 for 20GB, $1,695 for 40GB, $2,145 for 60GB and $2,495 for 80GB.


This article was originally published on December 01, 1999