EMC unveils VPLEX appliance for global storage networks

– At the EMC World show today, EMC introduced a caching and data mobility appliance that the company hopes will ease the problem of latency in global storage networks. The VPLEX appliance is designed to virtualize far-flung heterogeneous SANs into one global storage network, speeding data access and I/O and limiting latency through caching and cache coherence, according to an article posted on Enterprise Storage Forum, an InfoStor sister site.

There was no shortage of hype from EMC officials.

For example, Patrick Gelsinger, head of EMC's Information Infrastructure Products division, described VPLEX as a "groundbreaking technology and that will change the way data centers are designed and managed. It's a core component of EMC's Virtual Storage vision and will do to storage what server virtualization has done to computing, and will provide game-changing levels of efficiency and flexibility. The ability to share, move and access large amounts of data regardless of location is a key element of the journey to the private cloud. VPLEX technology will enable follow the sun computing, the relocating of workloads to low-cost energy regions or moving them out of the way of approaching storms — in general, IT environments will be more dynamic and flexible than ever before."

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This article was originally published on May 10, 2010