Sterling offers top-to-bottom management software

By Zachary Shess

Last month, Sterling Software joined the growing list of vendors laying out penthouse-to-pavement storage management initiatives. By introducing its E3 initiative, Sterling officials believe a policy-based platform better addresses the management of multi-vendor configurations and rapid storage growth.

Beyond managing heterogeneous platforms, E3 tools, some of which are now shipping under Sterling's SAMS: Enterprise umbrella, bring storage management capabilities from mainframes down through the enterprise and into the remote/mobile arena. These suites include SAMS:Vtape, SAMS:Alexandria, and SAMS:Lifeguard.

Being able to provide management functionality across several platforms, operating systems, applications, and storage devices also helps lessen the burden of trying to fill specialized IT staffs, say Sterling officials. "It's simply not realistic to have a specialist for every platform your company is running on," says Steve Harriman, vice president of marketing in Sterling's storage management division, in Rancho Cordova, CA.

E3 begins with a series of physical, logical, and third-party interfaces that gather information from volumes, tape libraries, RAID devices and SAN fabrics down through the more granular collection of metadata concerning files, file systems and applications. Sterling officials say these capabilities are a precursor to complete policy-based storage management with predictive and self-healing capabilities.

Down the road, Sterling plans to release Policy & Automation, Data Classification and Trending & Forecasting Engines, designed to help enterprise storage administrators institute policies and forecast possible problems or additional capacity needs. With data easily accessible to administrators, Harriman expects less reactive storage buying decisions and a more efficient understanding of storage resources.

This article was originally published on February 02, 2000