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Posted on February 02, 2000


Last month, Agilent Technologies and Adaptec announced a co-development and marketing agreement to sell Fibre Channel host bus adapters for Windows NT servers. The agreement calls for Adaptec to license Agilent's Fibre Channel host adapter and software driver technology.

The two companies will jointly develop and market software based on Agilent's Tachyon architecture. Adaptec will focus its sales and distribution channel to market Fibre Channel solutions to PC OEMs and distributors. Products sold through Adaptec will be co-branded.

EMC's Enterprise Storage Net-works now support AIX. EMC has developed a Fibre Channel Interface Kit ($6,600), which includes a host bus adapter and software drivers. Other ESN-supported platforms include Solaris and Windows NT. Qualified switches include EMC's Connectrix and Brocade's SilkWorm line of Fibre Channel switches. EMC has also qualified Qlogic's QLA2200 Fibre Channel HBAs for use in NT and Solaris environments.

Meanwhile, Qlogic has acquired intellectual property from Borg Adap-tive Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of nStor Corp.. Borg's AdaptiveRAID technology was purchased for $7.5 million in cash.

The acquisition relates primarily to Qlogic's development of new interfaces, such as those for InfiniBand.

McData has qualified Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBA) from Emulex, JNI, and Qlogic. JNI Corp. and IBM announced that its FibreStar FCE-6420D 2Gbit-per-second PCI-Fibre Channel HBA is being used by IBM to develop current and future versions of its 1Gbit and 2Gbit Ultrastar line of Fibre Channel hard drives. As a development platform for OEMs, the FCE-6420D can be used for system tests and integration, applications testing, and development of the Fibre Channel devices, including RAID subsystems and disk drives.

Emulex announced that McData will provide distribution and system integration services for Emulex's Fibre Channel host adapters. The agreement covers the LightPulse LP7000E and LP8000 host adap-ters, qualified to provide Fibre Channel host connectivity for EMC Symmetrix systems and McData Directors. The German-based Fujitsu Siemens Computers said in January that it selected the LightPulse LP8000 64-bit PCI host adapter for use across its Unix and Windows NT servers, including the new GP7000F Solaris and RM Series Unix servers and the Intel-based Primergy server.

Hewlett-Packard is evaluating Quantum's Super DLTtape. The first-generation Super DLTtape technology is designed to leverage the existing DLTtape product family, offering backward compatibility with the DLT 8000, DLT 7000, and DLT 4000 drives.

Crossroads Systems and Polaris signed a distribution and integration agreement. Polaris will provide Crossroads' 4100 and 4200 bi-directional Fibre Channel-to-SCSI storage routers, as well as future Crossroads products, to customers of EMC Enterprise Storage Networks.

C3D Inc. and Toolex International recently entered into an exclusive joint development agreement to produce processes and equipment for Thin Film Technology to be used in high-volume, fluorescent multi-layer card and disk production.

Advanced Digital Information Corp.'s (ADIC's) AMASS for UNIX 4.11 storage management software is now compatible with tape libraries from StorageTek and Ampex. The 4.11 release supports StorageTek's L700 Aegis libraries. Ampex Data Systems DST 412, 712, and 812 tape libraries also support the software.

Unisys Corp. last month qualified Mylex's eXtreme RAID controller with its e-@ction Enterprise Server ES2000 and ES5000 server models. The two-, four-, or eight-way e-@ction Enterprise Servers include 550MHz Pentium III Xeon processors, which have been used in environments requiring server consolidation, thin-client computing, database, and Internet servers.

In January, Veritas Software announced its Veritas NetBackup suite now supports Quantum's DLT8000 tape system.

The recent merger of the Fibre Channel Association and the Fibre Channel Community resulted in the consolidation of their Web sites to

Legato Systems announced its Octopus data availability software garnered both ClusterProven and ServerProven validation and registration on IBM's Netfinity platform, making it the first distance replication software certified in both programs. Legato also announced support of Novell's NetWare 5.1 OS with its Legato StandbyServer and OFFSite Archive software. These suites are also compatible with Novell Directory Services and will eventually support all the new Web-based features of NetWare 5.1. OFFSite Archive can be used to create a point-in-time recovery image of a primary server at a remote site. The next version of OFFSite Archive will support NetWare 5.1.

In mid-January, EMC received federal approval of its $192 million acquisition of Alexandria, VA-based Softworks, Inc. Softworks provides enterprise data, storage, and performance management software.

nStor last month added its name to Exabtye's Solutions Partner (ESP) reseller program. NStor has certified Exabyte's Mammoth-2 (M2) tape drive for integration into its SAN-Sational Storage solutions SAN architecture.

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