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Posted on July 01, 2000



LSI takes aim at NetApp

Targeting network-attached storage (NAS) leader Network Appliance, LSI Logic last month unleashed its N-Series line of NAS servers, which can scale from 54GB to more than 17TB using 73GB Seagate disk drives. On the performance front, the company claims that the N-Series can support from 100 to more than 1,700 simultaneous users. Protocol support includes the standard NFS and CIFS, as well as AppleTalk, NetWare, and HTTP.

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The servers are based on three sets of modules: communication, command, and drive. Each communication module includes two or four 400MHz UltraSPARC AX-MP processors and up to four network interface cards. The command module offers redundant array controllers and 512MB of cache, to provide 10,000 (non-cached) I/Os per second. The drive module includes up to ten 18GB, 36GB, or 73GB disk drives and redundant components.

Claiming advantages over Network Appliance's filers, LSI's NAS software supports up to 200 file systems with a maximum capacity of 1TB each, as well as symmetric failover capability. In addition, administrators can expand or shrink the file system without taking the system off-line.

Other features include snapshot backup and integrated tape backup (with support for NetWorker or NetBackup software). Pricing for the system starts at $150,000.

CNT extends SANs to MANs

Computer Network Technology (CNT) is continuing its efforts to extend storage area networks (SANs) into longer-distance networks with the introduction of a series of optical networking products. The company's UltraNet Wave multiplexers, combined with UltraNet Directors, enable IT organizations to extend the reach of Fibre Channel SANs to metropolitan and wide area networks over fiber-optic links.

Protocol support includes Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and ESCON. The UltraNet Wave multiplexers take advantage of the unused capacity in fiber-optic lines by carrying multiple signals over a single cable, increasing the bandwidth available from a single line. This is accomplished via dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) technology.

UltraNet Wave multiplexers can transmit 16 input channels over a single fiber strand, and are capable of a combined throughput rate of 40Gbps. The devices include redundant power supplies and fans. All components are hot-pluggable.

nStor bundles SANs

Guaranteeing device interoperability, nStor Technologies has begun selling bundled storage area network (SAN) configurations. The SANStor package consists of nStor storage subsystems, Ancor's SANBox Fibre Channel switches, QLogic's 2200 series host bus adapters, and Hewlett-Packard's SAN Manager software, which provides LUN mapping. The company also provides professional services, including assessment, design, installation, and support.

Advantech ruggedizes RAID

The Computer Telephony Division of Advantech Technologies is shipping the RAID-500U2 disk array, which packs 250GB in a 5U (8.75-inch) form factor. Each ruggedized chassis can support eight disk drives, and six additional enclosures can be connected via Ultra2 SCSI or Ultra Wide SCSI for a total of 56 drives. Features include 80MBps transfer rates, 128MB of cache, on-line capacity expansion and auto-rebuild, dual controllers, and four SCSI channels per chassis. Prices start at $5,800 for a 5U RAID enclosure with eight drives.

Arena-MaxTronic ships IDE RAID

Arena-MaxTronic has added to its RAID lineup with the Arena II subsystem, an eight-bay IDE-to-SCSI disk array. The subsystem allows users to take advantage of low-cost EIDE disk drives, as well as an Ultra2 low voltage differential (LVD) SCSI interface.

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Based on a 64-bit Intel i960 RN RISC processor, the Arena II has 64MB to 128MB of cache, and supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, or 5. Features include hot-swappable hard disk trays and redundant 300W power supplies. Available in a tower enclosure or a 19-inch 4U rack-mount enclosure, the array starts at $4,999 without drives.

Cambex goes full Fibre

Cambex Corp.'s Centurion 2000 FF is a "full Fibre Channel" (e.g., end-to-end) RAID array that, according to the company, delivers up to 360MBps in sustained sequential read operations. Capacity scales from 18GB to 25TB, and some high-end configurations are priced as low as $0.05 per MB. Fully redundant, the array has dual-active controllers and supports virtually all RAID levels. The array is compatible with Cambex's FibreQuik PC1000 and MC1000 Fibre Channel host bus adapters and FibreQuik HB2000 Fibre Channel hub. Host-based Dynamic Path Failover software is available for AIX and Windows NT platforms.

A 12-drive Centurion 2000 FF model 400 with dual controllers and I/O ports and 128MB of cache is priced at $36,500. Fibre Channel disk drive prices range from $1,090 for a 9.1GB, 10,000rpm device to $4,190 for a 73GB, 10,000rpm drive.

Emulex ships dual-channel FC HBA

Emulex has begun shipping the LightPulse LP8000DC dual-channel, 64-bit PCI host bus adapter (HBA). The company claims bandwidth of more than 190MBps, and more than 45,000 I/Os per second. The HBA can connect up to 252 disk drives, and can be used with Emulex's multi-protocol (SCSI and IP) drivers.

Other features of the LP8000DC include:

  • Full fabric support using F_Port and FL_Port connections
  • Hardware context cache
  • Data buffering to support up to 100-kilometer cabling
  • Support for all SAN topologies, as well as NAS configurations

Operating system support includes Windows NT/2000, Solaris, AIX, and NetWare.

High Velocity introduces low-cost FC hub

Priced at $594, High Velocity Systems' Bullet 600 is a six-port Fibre Channel hub. Features include:

  • Embedded Safe Port logic system, which qualifies devices before allowing them access to the hub
  • Digital filtering, which ensures signal integrity by removing jitter
  • Data regeneration

A Fibre Channel starter kit, including two hubs and 12 cables, is priced at $1,977. A quad-rack configuration, including four hubs and 3 interconnect cables, is priced at $2,399.

TD Systems enhances OmniServe

TD Systems recently enhanced its line of OmniServer multi-protocol (SCSI and Fibre Channel) bridges/routers with OmniPilot SAN management software and the addition of Fibre Channel Class 2 Service.

The OmniPilot software provides configuration, setup, monitoring, and diagnostic functions for SCSI and Fibre Channel devices attached to OmniServer bridges, including devices such as RAID, RAIT, and RAIL arrays.

Fibre Channel Class 2 Acknowledged Connectionless Service independently switches each frame and provides guaranteed delivery with an acknowledgment of receipt of each frame. This is in contrast to Class 3 service, which does not provide confirmation of receipt.

Agilent to debut 2Gbps FC controllers

Agilent Technologies is shipping single-chip, 2Gbps Fibre Channel controllers. The company began evaluation shipments last November, and is now manufacturing production quantities aimed at vendors of storage subsystems, routers, host bus adapters, and system motherboards. Products based on Agilent's 2Gbps Tachyon controller are expected within the next two months. Like Agilent's other Tachyon devices, the HPFC-5200 is based on a hardware state machine architecture, as opposed to a RISC-based design.

Agilent is incorporating the 2Gbps controllers in its HHBA-5220/21 PCI-to-Fibre Channel host bus adapters.

CMD ships Titan CRD-7220 controller

CMD Technology's CRD-7220 Fibre Channel-to-Ultra2 SCSI RAID controller is based on the company's Titan architecture. Key features include hot-swappable redundant controllers, a 5.25-inch form factor, dual Fibre Channel host interfaces and dual Ultra2 SCSI drive interfaces, and support for up to 28 disk drives. In addition to standard management software, the controller is available with CMD's SANmask LUN masking technology for secure access control in shared, heterogeneous environments.

Separately, CMD has begun shipments of the CMD PCI-649, an Ultra ATA/100 PCI-to-IDE/ATA host controller chip for 3.3V systems. ATA/100 provides a 50% increase in burst rate over the Ultra ATA/66 standard.

Intel adds I/O processor

Adding to its line of I/O building blocks, Intel has introduced a processor with a 64-bit, 66MHz PCI-to-PCI bridge that doubles PCI speed and bandwidth. The 80303 processor is designed for RAID add-in cards, external arrays, and RAID-on-motherboard configurations.

The 80303 is a successor to Intel's i960 RN I/O processor, and provides a 100MHz internal bus for up to 800MBps bandwidth. Up to 512MB of 100MHz SDRAM memory can be supported.

OEM samples are available now, with full production slated for the third quarter. Suggested OEM price in 10,000-unit quantities is $76.

Solid Data intros entry-level SSD

Solid Data Systems' Excellerator 600 Ultra is an entry-level solid-state disk (SSD) subsystem that ranges in capacity from 536MB to 2.7GB. The Ultra SCSI-based device has a data access time of only 14 microseconds. Targeted at I/O-intensive applications, SSD is based on non-volatile DRAM technology, and can increase I/O performance by as much as 300%, according to Solid Data, by providing solid-state file caching of "hot files." Prices start at $9,950 for a 536MB unit.

CS Electronics offers SCSI adapter

CS Electronics' ADP-2010 is an external VHDCI (0.8mm) to SCSI-3 adapter that allows users to attach cables with the new 0.8mm Ultra SCSI (VHDCI) interface to legacy subsystems with standard SCSI-3 HD68 interfaces. The adapter can be used with single-ended and low voltage differential (LVD) SCSI systems. With an internal ground plane for impedance matching, the ADP-2010 can handle speeds of 160MBps, making it compatible with Ultra160 SCSI and Ultra3 SCSI devices. Pricing begins at $32 for quantities of one to ten units.


Tandberg launches SLR100 library

Tandberg Data recently took the next step in its SLR (Scalable Linear Recording) roadmap with the introduction of the SLR100 library. Utilizing Tandberg's latest linear drive technology, the SLR100 provides up to 4TB compressed capacity at transfer rates of up to 144GB per hour. As the third in Tandberg's SLR library series, the SLR100 offers backward compatibility with tape cartridges from previous-generation SLR tape drives, such as the SLR32 and SLR50.

The SLR100 is available in three desk-side models, accommodating from 10 to 40 cartridges and up to four SLR100 tape drives. Each library comes equipped with a control panel, removable magazines, barcode reader, and I/O port. A two-year warranty is included, with on-site support services also available. The SLR100 series has an expected street price of $6,900 to $26,500.

Quantum|ATL adds DLT8000 drives

ATL Products expanded the capacity and performance of its PowerStor L200 library with the new DLT8000 High Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI tape drive. With the DLT8000 tape drive and eight cartridges, PowerStor L200 now has a native capacity of 320GB and 5MBps throughput. Compression mode provides approximately 640GB of storage at 10MBps. DLT8000 maintains backward compatibility with DLT4000 and DLT7000 drives. The L200 includes eight DLT cartridge slots, one drive, WebAdmin Software for access to library status via the Web, and an optional barcode reader.

Ecrix debuts VXA RakPak

Ecrix is currently shipping RakPak, a rack-mountable tape subsystem with one or two VXA-1 tape drives packaged in a single 19-inch rack unit (1U). The RakPak stores up to 132GB of data at a 12MBps aggregate transfer rate. VXA tape drive technology enables individually addressed packets to be written and read in Discrete Packet Format (DPF). VXA's Variable Speed Operation adjusts tape speed to match the varying data throughput of the server, and OverScan Operation allows data packets to be read independent of track shape or geometry. MSRP is $1,299 for a one-drive unit, and $2,229 for a two-drive unit.

Seagate offers Travan cartridges

Certified Travan data cartridges are available from Seagate in 8GB and 20GB capacities for use in the company's Hornet Travan 9 and 20 ATAPI tape drives. The cartridges are also supported in the Hornet NS8 and NS20 SCSI drives. As part of Seagate's Six Sigma quality initiative, all of the new Travan data cartridges undergo a comprehensive certification process and include a five-year warranty. Seagate Travan cartridges can be purchased individually or in three-packs by resellers, VARs, and end users through distributors and on the Internet at Seagates' online store for tape:


Verbatim intros 10X CD-RW media

Verbatim Corp. last month introduced its DataLifePlus 10X 650MB CD-ReWriteable (CD-RW) media. The discs feature a new recording layer technology, which improves upon existing phase-change optical recording to enable faster erasing and overwriting, as well as noise-free playback. The discs support recording speeds of more than 1.5MBps.

Verbatim DataLifePlus 10X CD-RW media also supports direct write/rewrite in CAV (constant angular velocity) mode for faster random packet writing, as well as conventional CLV (constant linear velocity) mode. Data stored on the discs also can be read on CD-R drives, as well as MultiRead-compatible CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and rewriteable DVD drives. The DataLifePlus 10X CD-RW media will have a suggested retail price of $3.99 per disc.


CA augments ARCserve

Last month, Computer Associates released the next generation of its flagship ARCserve suite. Among other additions, ARCserve 2000 includes integrated virus protection and server-less backup for storage area network (SAN) environments. (For more information on CA's server-less backup technology, see InfoStor, May, p. 1.)

Providing data protection and storage management for Windows NT/2000 servers, ARCserve 2000 includes:

  • Virus scanning and curing with automatic signature updates
  • Support for Windows 2000 Active Directory and COM+ database protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Clustering support

Pricing starts at $695.

CommVault releases enterprise version

On the heels of receiving mezzanine financing from Microsoft, CommVault Systems released the Enterprise version of its Galaxy 2000 data management software suite. The software presents a logical interface for viewing and managing data and storage resource information.

The original Galaxy 2000, released in January, supported only Windows NT and Exchange. Galaxy Enterprise 2000 now supports Windows 2000 (all versions), SQL Server 7, Netware 5, Microsoft Cluster, and Terminal Server. The software also supports LAN-free backup in storage area network (SAN) environments, NDMP for NAS filers, Lotus Notes, and Domino. CommVault plans to support server-less backup and Unix clients in the third quarter.

Executive Software upgrades Undelete

The 2.0 release of Executive Software's Undelete data protection utility includes a search engine that eliminates the time and cost of going to backup tape for file recovery. Certified for Windows 2000, as well as Windows NT, Undelete 2.0 replaces the Windows Recycle Bin with a recovery bin that captures all deleted files. An Emergency Undelete feature enables file recovery direct from disk. System administrators can remotely customize Undelete features such as exclusion lists and size of the recovery bin, and can remotely view and restore any files contained in NT/2000 Recovery Bins.

A 30-day trial version is available at Estimated pricing for a server version of Undelete 2.0 is $249, with a workstation version priced at $49.

STK announces library management suite

Storage Technology last month announced its Horizon library management software, which provides management and monitoring capabilities for direct-attached and SAN-attached tape subsystems.

Horizon Library Manager manages SCSI tape libraries, enabling sharing of devices between multiple, heterogeneous Unix and Windows NT servers. The Horizon Framework Library Monitor provides single-console monitoring of StorageTek libraries through system management frameworks such as CA TNG, HP OpenView, and Tivoli NetView. The L-Series Library Monitor can be used to monitor StorageTek's L-Series libraries via an embedded Web server or any Web browser authorized to access the library. Each of the three Horizon software products start at $995.

Rutilus launches data protection suite

Rutilus Software's eBack data protection software suite, targeted at OEMs, includes:

  • eBack, which provides desktop/laptop data backup and storage over the Internet
  • SmartBack network-based data protection software
  • SmartRecovery for disaster recovery
  • SmartManager, a storage management tool for centralized management and control

Rutilus also announced its management team, which includes president and CEO Al Wilson; CTO Dick Gunderson; vice president of sales Dan Johnson; and vice president of marketing Sean Lee.

Spectra Logic announces SAN-ready tape

With the goal of enabling small-to-medium size businesses and departments to share tape resources, Spectra Logic has announced an integrated Fibre Channel interface for its entry-level TreeFrog family of tape libraries. The company also introduced SANtape, a new SAN-ready standalone drive. The Fibre Channel option allows one or more tape devices to be shared in a multi-server storage area network (SAN) environment when used with a hub or switch and SAN-ready backup software.

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Like the other TreeFrog libraries, the Spectra 2000F provides up to 3.7TB of compressed storage with 10GB-per-hour transfer rates in less than 1.5 cubic feet of space. TreeFrog models include one or two Sony AIT tape drives and 15 or 30 cartridge slots. Integrated within the Spectra 2000F, the Fibre Channel controller supports private loop, public loop, and fabric topologies. In addition to the Fibre Channel interface, the 2000F library includes a 10/100BaseT Ethernet port for browser-based configuration and monitoring. The physical Fibre Channel connection to the library is via direct-connect using copper cables, with optical cabling possible by using the optional Media Interface Adapter. List prices begin at $12,990. Spectra Logic also offers a Fibre Channel upgrade program to existing TreeFrog customers.

Native Fibre Channel support is provided with two SANtape models. Available for $1,595 without a drive, or $5,995 with a single AIT-2 tape drive, the SANtape 100 supports the 3.5-inch, half-height Sony AIT 1 and AIT 2 tape drives, as well as several 4mm DDS products. The SANtape 200 consists of a 5.25-inch, full-height enclosure capable of housing either one full-height drive or autoloader, or two half-height drives.

Veritas enhances NetBackup suite

Veritas last month enhanced its NetBackup family of products, including the DataCenter, BusinesServer, and Professional editions. The BusinesServer and DataCenter packages now support Windows 2000, and include client compression for Windows NT and Windows 2000. Both packages also support restoration of individual messages in Microsoft Exchange.

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The new release of NetBackup DataCenter includes HP-UX support (in addition to Solaris) for Veritas' FlashBackup snapshot technology. The software also supports online, snapshot backup of Oracle databases in Solaris and HP-UX environments via Advanced Block Level Incremental (BLI) Agent technology.

NetBackup BusinesServer now supports the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) in Unix and Windows NT/2000 environments, which allows backup and recovery of network-attached storage (NAS) servers from Network Appli-ance and Auspex.

Available this month, NetBackup DataCenter Version 3.4 starts at $5,000 for NT and $10,000 for Unix platforms. NetBackup BusinesServer 3.4 starts at $1,995. Veritas also released a new version of NetBackup Professional, which starts at $495.

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