Compaq launches storage utility services

Posted on July 01, 2000


By Zachary Shess

As more startup storage service providers (SSPs) continue to dot the landscape, a more familiar vendor, Compaq Computer, has launched its own storage utility.

With $825 million in storage services revenues in 1999, according to International Data Corp., Compaq is obviously no stranger to the market. However, company officials claim their Private Storage Utility is Compaq's first foray into providing storage area network (SAN) installation, hosting, and remote management at customer sites.

Compaq's storage utility will focus on large enterprises and hosting centers that are hesitant to offload storage from their own facilities due to concerns about control and security. Under its base managed suite, Compaq's services include storage capacity, site preparation review, installation and configuration, as well as remote capacity and performance management. Optional services include backup and restore, remote mirroring, and a two-hour response service.

Similar to other recent SSP launches, Compaq will provide services such as adding storage on request and pricing on a managed-GB-per-month basis. Pricing ranges from $35 to $55 per GB per month.

However, as many of the independent SSPs start their services in the 100GB to 200GB range, Compaq's Private Storage Utility customers must have at least 576GB, with plans to grow to1.7TB within six months. Not surprisingly, the service will include Compaq's hardware and SANworks software. Compaq can remotely manage a customer's storage from an operations management center in Colorado Springs, CO.

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