Veritas adds server-less backup

Posted on December 01, 2000


Veritas Software recently announced the Vertex Initiative, a phased-in strategy that is largely based on its snapshot backup technology. Snapshots provide "frozen image" or "point-in-time" copies of data for backup and restore applications. One of the key deliverables in the initiative is NetBackup ServerFree Agent, which is due next month and provides server-less backup in storage area network (SAN) environments. Server-free backup is considered to be the first "killer app" for SANs.

In addition to the ServerFree Agent, phase one of the initiative includes existing snapshot technologies such as software-based NetBackup FlashBackup (Solaris and HP-UX) and NetBackup for Oracle (Solaris and HP-UX), and support for hardware/software-based snapshot technologies such as EMC's TimeFinder and Hewlett-Packard's Surestore E Business Copy XP.

The ServerFree Agent code works with Veritas' NetBackup 4.0 but runs only on the Solaris operating system. Support for HP-UX and Windows 2000 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2001, followed by support for AIX and Linux, according to Mike Adams, product marketing manager for NetBackup.

The NetBackup ServerFree Agent uses snapshot backup technology to move data from disk to tape, minimizing impact on production servers.
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ServerFree Agent is expected to compete with server-less backup software from vendors such as Computer Associates and Legato Systems. Server-less backup allows direct disk-to-tape backup, which reduces CPU and I/O overhead and minimizes backup window and restore times.

ServerFree Agent combines multiple snapshot methods with data movement technology. The snapshot functionality can be enabled via NetBackup FlashBackup or from Veritas' Volume Manager and File System software. Data movement can take place via a router/bridge or Veritas' NetBackup Media Server. The software currently works with routers from Chaparral, Crossroads, and Pathlight Technology.

How it works

In a snapshot backup operation, the application is first paused, and the snapshot software flushes the buffers to establish a stable image of the data. After a data snapshot is taken, the ServerFree Agent maps the data (linking logical names to physical SCSI data blocks) so that its physical location is known.

When the snapshot and mapping operations are complete, data moves from disk directly to tape via the SCSI Extended Copy Command, a block-oriented command that resides in either a SAN device (such as a router) or on a NetBackup server (such as Media Server).

NetBackup 4.0 ranges from $5,000 to $27,000. NetBackup ServerFree Agent costs an additional $9,000.

Phase two of Veritas' Vertex Initiative will start rolling out in the second half of 2001 and will include support for Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange as well as additional hardware snapshot methods from such vendors as Compaq, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), IBM, and Sun. Veritas also plans to provide FlashBackup for Windows 2000 and AIX in the third quarter.

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Product marketing manager, Veritas Software