ProStor adds backup to InfiniVault appliances

By Dave Simpson

-- ProStor Systems' InfiniVault appliances, which are based on RDX removable disk drives, are typically used for archiving. But this week the company added the ability to use the appliance as a backup target in addition to an archive platform.

A Direct Backup feature enables existing backup applications to directly access RDX slots in the InfiniVault appliance. Direct Backup can be used with any backup application that supports NAS appliances, according to Buzz Walker, ProStor's vice president of product management and marketing, including the most popular backup application – Symantec's Backup Exec.

Another new utility in the v2.3 release of InfiniVault is the ability to reconstruct a copy of an RDX cartridge in the event of cartridge loss or damage. (InfiniVault currently allows users to make up to four copies of files, plus replication.)

ProStor also added the ability to consolidate data from one cartridge to another cartridge to take advantage of higher-capacity cartridges while freeing up RDX slots. The maximum capacity of an RDX cartridge is currently 640GB (uncompressed), with 1TB versions expected this summer.

Pricing for an InfiniVault model 30 starts at $29,995; for the model 100, $69,995.

ProStor claims to have shipped more than 100PB of InfiniVault capacity. OEMs and resellers include Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Imation, NEC, Nortel and Tandberg Data.

Separately, a number of vendors this week formed the non-profit RDX Storage Alliance. Initial members include Maxell and founding members Imation, ProStor and Tandberg Data.

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This article was originally published on February 02, 2010