Zetta launches cloud storage service

By Kevin Komiega

-- Cloud storage startup Zetta used the Storage Networking World conference as a launching pad for both the company and its first offering in the cloud storage services market.

The company today announced Zetta Enterprise Cloud Storage, a storage service built to house primary data in the cloud.

Zetta's vice president of products, Chris Schin, says the Zetta cloud combines an enterprise feature set with a cloud delivery model.

"Our cloud technology looks, walks and talks much like an enterprise file server with full CIFS and NFS support, but it is delivered in the cloud," says Schin.

The Enterprise Cloud service also offers snapshot, replication and common name space support found in file systems, along with encryption technologies.

Zetta is also touting the reliability and availability of its platform with RAIN6 N+3 data protection, which ensures against data loss from multiple hardware or network failures.

The Zetta Enterprise Cloud service is priced at $0.25/GB and is aimed at medium-sized and large enterprise customers with approximately 10TB of online storage capacity.

Zetta Enterprise Cloud Storage service has been in beta test mode since late last year and will be generally available to all customers in the third quarter of 2009. A free trial of the service is available on the company's website.

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This article was originally published on April 06, 2009