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SteelEye adds CDP to replication software
July 27, 2007 -- <B>July 27, 2007</B>—SteelEye this week released version 6 of LifeKeeper Protection Suite for Windows Server, which bundles LifeKeeper HA Clustering and SteelEye Data Replication.
VTL adoption and market trends
July 19, 2007 -- <B>July 19, 2007</B>—It was just about five years ago that the industry first started talking in earnest about open-systems virtual tape libraries (VTLs).
IBM revamps tape virtualization
July 11, 2007 -- <B>July 11, 2007</B>—IBM beefed up its virtual tape offerings for mainframe environments this week with the introduction of the Virtualization Engine TS7740