Backup And Recovery Featured Articles

The cloud optimizes backup TCO
March 31, 2010 -- Offloading backup data to the cloud obviously saves hardware costs, but it can also reduce the overall ownership costs associated with managing that data.
Cleversafe addresses cloud security concerns
March 30, 2010 -- According to numerous surveys, security is the #1 issue among users considering cloud storage. Cleversafe addressed that concern this week with the 2.0 release of its software, which includes enhancements in confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA).
HP ships LTO-5 tape drives, libraries, media
March 29, 2010 -- March 29, 2010 -- Hewlett-Packard today became the second major LTO tape drive manufacturer to deliver LTO-5 Ultrium drives, as well as LTO-5 libraries and (multi-sourced) media cartridges.
Digitiliti unveils virtual corporate library
March 22, 2010 -- Digitiliti beefed up its software arsenal today with DigiLIBE, a new data management system for SMBs that serves as an offsite repository for unstructured data.
EMC integrates replication tools with Exchange 2010
March 18, 2010 -- EMC this week became the first storage vendor to announce integration with a little known Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 API that allows for SAN-based replication in Exchange 2010 environments.
SNIA develops standards for cloud storage
March 12, 2010 -- The Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) and Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard promise to lift the concerns and confusion around cloud storage.
Sepaton ships midrange VTL, upgrades deduplication software
March 10, 2010 -- Sepaton has announced a new deduplicating VTL for medium-sized businesses and a round of software enhancements to its DeltaStor and DeltaRemote software.
EMC beefs up e-mail compliance for SourceOne
March 9, 2010 -- EMC has announced SourceOne Email Supervisor, a software tool for monitoring inbound and outbound communications for compliance purposes.