Cloud Storage Featured Articles

Cloud-Integrated Enterprise Storage: Real Cloud for Real Data
March 30, 2012 -- Cloud and storage don't go as well together as the vendors would have you believe. Cloud-integrated enterprise storage is an up and coming technology that will likely change this.
Pricey, Buggy Services Stymie Cloud Backup Market
March 30, 2012 -- A new survey finds that despite brisk adoption, cloud storage providers are falling short of customer expectations.
Basho Floats Riak CS Cloud Storage Software
March 29, 2012 -- The startup targets both private and public cloud providers with multi-tenancy features and Amazon S3 compatibility.
Morphlabs Readies All-SSD Private Clouds
March 27, 2012 -- Cloud startup leverages SSDs and Dell PowerEdge C servers for private cloud systems and services.
Zetta.net Upgrades Cloud Backup Platform
March 26, 2012 -- DataProtect 3.0 blends bandwidth-saving features with an enterprise backend for SMB cloud backups.
Quantum Dedupes, Goes Virtual for Cloud Backups
March 22, 2012 -- The storage vendor takes a virtual appliance approach to cloud-enabled backups and disaster recovery.
Permivault Leverages Strongbox, LTFS for Tape-Based Cloud Storage
March 15, 2012 -- LTFS is opening up new horizons for tape, not the least of which is a cloud archiving solution from Fujifilm.