Cloud Storage Featured Articles

When Employees Use Consumer Cloud Storage: Preventing Problems
Tips on handling the problems that arise when staff members use consumer cloud storage for work projects.
New-Gen Zadara Brings Heavy-Duty Storage Services to Cloud
Newcomer Zadara launches a Virtual Private Storage Array that provides a unified storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) cloud service.
Emerging Trends in Software Defined Storage
To listen to its advocates, software defined storage easily solves many difficult storage problems. In reality, it's not that easy.
Private Cloud Storage Startup Coho Data Makes Flashy Debut
Leveraging PCIe flash drives, software-defined networking and a novel new architecture, Coho Data aims to cloudify on-premise data center storage.
Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Survey
Survey respondents receive a free downloadable report, “Top Considerations for Business Online Backup.”