Cloud Storage Featured Articles

EMC Launches ViPR Strike at Big Data
The data storage giant announces HDFS support, opening up the flood gates to Big Data capabilities on existing storage.
Amazon Launches Flash-based Cloud Data Warehousing Option
New Dense Compute nodes for Redshift help businesses speed up their cloud-based analytics.
Data Storage Technologies to Watch in 2014
Software defined is a leader, as is hybrid IT and solutions that enhance mobile access to storage.
Flash in the Cloud: Why or Why Not?
Sure, the union of flash data storage and cloud computing is inevitable -- yet in some cases it may not be an effective strategy.
IBM Aims FlashSystem 840 at the Cloud
With its new 2U all-flash array, Big Blue has cloud, analytics and massively virtualized workloads in its sights.
Software Defined Storage: 10 Things You Need to Know
As data centers adopt software defined storage, the questions about this emerging technology seem to multiply.
How Data Backup is Changing and Why It Matters
A survey of today’s data backup and recovery solutions reveals a landscape that has grown increasingly complex in an effort to keep up with ever larger backup needs.
Snapshot Management Comes to CloudSigma
SSD-based cloud storage provider ushers in new enterprise-friendly data protection capabilities.
Comodo Offers Double the Free Cloud Backup Capacity
Internet security specialist now gives users 10 GB of free cloud storage for their files.