Disk Based Backup Featured Articles

NEC debuts mini-HYDRA for SMB backup
June 17, 2010 -- NEC has packed the features and functions of its high-end HYDRAstor grid storage system into a single-node mini-HYDRA system as it attempts to expand the reach of HYDRAstor into the SMB market.
Sepaton offers Secure Erasure option for VTLs
June 14, 2010 -- Virtual tape library (VTL) vendor Sepaton is now offering Secure Erasure, a licensed option for its S2100-ES2 data protection appliances that guarantees the erasure of information on virtual tape cartridges.
SGI upgrades Copan disk-based backup platform
June 8, 2010 -- SGI is branching out beyond virtual tape libraries (VTL) and into the disk-based backup market with today's launch of the SGI Copan 400 series.