Vtls Featured Articles

FalconStor Revamps RecoverTrac for Push-Button Ease
August 21, 2012 -- Company is on a mission to shrink recovery times with performance enhancements and improved virtualization support.
IBM adds replication to deduplicating VTLs
July 29, 2009 -- IBM is adding native replication capabilities to its family of ProtecTIER virtual tape library (VTL) appliances in an effort to extend data deduplication to remote disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) operations.
Sepaton combines VTL replication, de-duplication
May 18, 2009 -- Disk-based backup vendor Sepaton is offering a new remote replication feature for its family of S2100 virtual tape libraries (VTLs). The DeltaRemote software replaces Sepaton's previous replication technology, Site2.
Tandberg Data enters VTL market
May 14, 2009 -- Embattled tape specialist Tandberg Data has entered the virtual tape library (VTL) fray with this week's launch of the DPS1000 Series VTL.
FalconStor speeds up backups
April 6, 2009 -- At the Storage Networking World conference in Orlando today, FalconStor Software announced an option for its popular Virtual Tape Library (VTL) that promises to accelerate backups and eliminate the backup window.
Users weigh de-dupe options
November 26, 2008 -- End users are raising the level of conversation around data de-duplication to a discussion about data integrity, recoverability and ease of use, according to research from TechValidate.
Users react to de-duplication deals
October 1, 2008 -- In part one of our two-part series on disk-to-disk backup and data de-duplication (see &ldquo;De-dupe inches into VTL backup&rdquo; at <a href="http://www.infostor.com/">www.infostor.com</a>) we examined where and how de-duplication is being used in the data center.
De-dupe inches into VTL backup
September 1, 2008 -- The exodus from tape-to disk-based backup is well underway as IT managers attempt to find a way-any way-to escape the money pit that is tape management.
Copan overhauls enterprise VTL
June 18, 2008 -- <B>June 18, 2008</B>—Copan Systems has added a series of enhancements to its Revolution 300 Series virtual tape library (VTL) platform that increase storage density, security, performance, and the reliability of the system's de-duplication engine.
FalconStor integrates VTL with NetBackup
June 16, 2008 -- <B>June 16, 2008</B>—FalconStor has announced availability of the Virtual Tape Library (VTL) OpenStorage Option, a new feature that turns FalconStor's VTL into a native storage target for Symantec's Veritas NetBackup 6.5 data-protection software.
VTL delivers real performance with virtual reels
February 1, 2008 -- Overland Storage's REO 9500D is a high-performance, data de-duplicating virtual tape library packaged as a fully configured appliance.
FalconStor ships clustered VTL with global de-dupe
January 25, 2008 -- <B>January 25, 2008</B>—FalconStor Software has released the next generation of its virtual tape library (VTL) product, this time with an eye toward enterprise environments in need of scalable VTLs with global data de-duplication.
Sepaton launches enterprise VTL
November 15, 2007 -- <B>November 15, 2007</B>—Sepaton's recently announced S2100-ES2 Series 750 virtual tape library (VTL) features twice the throughput and more usable capacity than the company's existing high-end VTL
Overland partners with Diligent for VTL de-dupe
November 6, 2007 -- <B>November 6, 2007</B>—Overland Storage has joined forces with de-duplication specialist Diligent Technologies to bring a new midrange virtual tape library (VTL) to market for users in search of a way to meet their long-term data-retention needs.
FalconStor VTL aimed at SMBs
October 16, 2007 -- <B>October 16, 2007</B>—FalconStor Software hopes to take the success it has enjoyed in the enterprise-level virtual tape library (VTL) market downstream with today's announcement of two lower-capacity VTLs targeting remote offices, departments, and mid-sized companies
Sun adds Solaris-based VTL
August 9, 2007 -- <B>August 9, 2007</B>—Sun Microsystems has added to its virtual tape lineup with the launch of the Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Value System, a Solaris-based VTL for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
VTL adoption and market trends
July 19, 2007 -- <B>July 19, 2007</B>—It was just about five years ago that the industry first started talking in earnest about open-systems virtual tape libraries (VTLs).
Data Domain doubles VTL performance
May 11, 2007 -- <B>May 11, 2007</B>—Data Domain plans to beef up its high-end virtual tape libraries (VTLs) with a faster, more-scalable de-duplication system that offers twice the performance of previous systems.
Gresham enters VTL fray
April 12, 2007 -- <B>April 12, 2007</B>—Gresham Enterprise Storage, the storage arm of UK-based software and services company Gresham LLC, this week announced a new virtual tape library (VTL) product with built-in monitoring and statistical analysis features