Why Dell Buying AppAssure Makes Sense

Last week, Dell made waves when it announced its acquisition of AppAssure. The addition of the backup software developer further shores up Dell's efforts to position itself as an enterprise storage vendor.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Jason Buffington explains on his Technical Optimist blog why the acquisition is a win for both parties.

Congrats to my friends in Round Rock … and my other friends in Virginia … you’ve done a good thing!


Dell continues to broaden its Storage Solutions portfolio and its metamorphosis from a reseller to an OEM – with all the margin riches that entails. Following on to investments made in the storage world, which include block solutions like EqualLogic and Compellent, Dell now sets its sights on data protection with AppAssure. I've had the privilege of working with all of those companies both before and after their acquisitions by Dell. In the former cases, it was great to see innovative technologies discover new channels … and to watch Dell customers discover new technologies that may have not appeared on their evaluation plate beforehand.

That's what will happen with AppAssure. Folks that are struggling with not only backup, but archiving and replication, are about to discover a hidden gem that protects both VMware and Hyper-V, along with all of the other core Windows applications and some interesting DR scenarios.

Prior to the acquisition, AppAssure was doing what ISVs do – building software, earning awards, creating marketing awareness, all while helping customers solve their data protection problems. Often those customers may have had a challenge with one of the "big guys" or, as SMBs, felt they couldn't get or afford enterprise backup capabilities. Hmmm, SMBs wanting enterprise capabilities, but not enterprise prices? That’s how many, many folks first discovered Dell over the years. With AppAssure, that story gets an additional chapter.

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