Disk Drive Prices Soar to New Heights

Back in October 2010 I purchased four Western Digital 320 GB Scorpio Black Drives from Amazon for my home NAS at $59.99 per drive. On Dec. 29, I decided to look at the price, and it was $99.28 per drive. I quickly checked the Western Digital site and found that this drive is still a current product, and therefore the price is not high just because it is no longer made. This is a 65 percent increase in price. YIKES!

We all know about the problems in Thailand, but it seems to me that over a 14 month period the price increase seemed out of line. Thinking Amazon might be out of touch with reality, I checked Froogle and found some even higher prices and sites with no availability. Clearly it is not. I am not sure how long this trend is going to last, but it will surely have an impact on the cost of storage throughout the market, from servers to laptops to anything using a disk drive.

Given the pricing, there must be shortages of drives, as I also looked around at local computer shops and saw much higher prices than I expected.

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posted by: Henry Newman

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by Henry Newman
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