InfoStor + Enterprise Storage Forum = Storage Synergy

July 16, 2010 – Many of you are aware that InfoStor is now part of the Internet.com network of websites, which includes 12 sites for IT professionals and 4 sites for developers. Also part of that network is Enterprise Storage Forum which, like InfoStor, focuses solely on the data storage market.

As a result, we are now exploiting the synergies between the two sites, primarily by sharing content. Sometimes we’ll cover breaking stories and trends separately and sometimes we’ll link between the sites to repurpose content.

The net effect for visitors to both sites is a significant increase in storage-specific content.

As part of this move, my long-time colleague and compadre Kevin Komiega has assumed primary responsibility for Enterprise Storage Forum, while I will continue to focus primarily on InfoStor. But we will both be producing content for the two sites.

In addition to exploiting synergies between Infostor and Enterprise Storage Forum, we will continue to share content with other Internet.com IT sites to bring you a wider variety of content, albeit always with the storage professional in mind.

Here’s a recent example from Datamation:
Storage tiering with automated data migration

Feel free to contact us:
Dave Simpson: dsimpson@internet.com
Kevin Komiega: kkomiega@internet.com

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posted by: Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson, Editor-in-Chief
by Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson has been the Editor-in-Chief of InfoStor since its inception in 1997. He previously held editorial positions at publications such as Datamation, Systems Integration, and Digital News and Review. He can be contacted at dsimpson@quinstreet.com

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