Consider data de-duplication plus compression

Data de-duplication gets a lot of ink and engenders a lot of debates, but the option of combining data de-dupe with real-time compression on primary storage is rarely discussed, maybe because there aren’t many vendors targeting compression for primary storage resources.

That’s what Storwize specializes in, and the company recently released the results of tests that suggest a serious look at combining de-duplication with data compression to further enhance overall data reduction.

Storwize claims that adding real-time compression can improve data reduction by more than 200%, based on its internal testing as well as customer deployments. (In the internal tests, Storwize used data de-duplication solutions from both Data Domain and NetApp.)

Storwize positions data de-duplication as being particularly advantageous for highly redundant backup data sets, but points out that using real-time data compression on the front end (primary storage devices) can significantly reduce de-duplication processing time and enhance throughput, in addition to reducing overall capacity requirements.

To assess the validity of the test results, check them out here

And if you’re among the early adopters of data compression on primary storage, respond below or email me at daves@pennwell.com and let me know what types of real-life data compression ratios you’re getting.


posted by: Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson, Editor-in-Chief
by Dave Simpson

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