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New Products

3PAR targets midrange

3PAR Data shrunk its disk systems to fit departmental, replication site, and remote data-center deployments with the introduction of the InServ E200 Storage Server, a midrange complement to the company’s high-end InServ S400 and S800 arrays.

News Analysis Trends

Brocade ups the ante for iSCSI

Brocade recently unleashed eight storage networking hardware products, including an iSCSI blade for its director-class switch, revamped versions of three of the company’s Tapestry data management software products, and 10 new services in the area of SANs and file area networks (FANs).

Cisco targets branch offices

Cisco recently introduced additions to its branch office product family, including an integrated hardware and software solution that promises to aid in the consolidation of branch office server, storage, and backup systems and to boost the performance of TCP-based applications across WANs.

EqualLogic adds SAS to IP SANs

Adoption of iSCSI-based IP SANs is picking up, as are iSCSI-related product announcements.

IBM refreshes storage lineup

IBM recently began shipping a wide variety of new and upgraded systems in its storage product line, including two new models of its flagship DS8000 enterprise storage arrays, new connectivity and drive options, and products based on its partnership with Network Appliance.

Putting a FAIS on intelligent switches

It has been several years since storage networking vendors began their push for putting advanced data services and storage management functions on fabric switches.

SGI, LSI support SAS

In an indication that the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drive interface is ready for prime time, SGI recently became one of the first disk-systems vendors to ship SAS-based storage arrays.

Sun, IBM tackle tape encryption

Sun Microsystems and IBM each launched new technologies for data encryption on tape drives and key management last month as a direct response to the ongoing threat of data loss and identity theft plaguing big companies and consumers across the country.

The case for storage virtualization

The concept of storage virtualization has been around for a number of years, but until recently it had not gained widespread acceptance.

When does online backup/recovery make sense?

Online backup and recovery-specifically, outsourcing storage operations to third-party services providers-may make more sense than ever.

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

The Eclipse Foundation, an open source community, recently approved the creation of the Aperi Storage Management Framework Project.

Analyst View

Data classification is the key to ILM

Classification is complex, but the good news is that a variety of tools exist to help you get started.

Special Report

Making the transition to consolidated NAS

Consolidating file servers involves decisions regarding virtualization, operating systems, protocol compatibility, and NAS gateways.

Lab Review

SAN management via virtual disk blocks

Compellent alters the SAN value proposition by restructuring storage virtualization to start at the data block.


Storage service providers rise from the ashes

The storage service provider (SSP) market faded into near oblivion a few years ago, but SSPs are making a comeback for a variety of reasons.

Strategic governance issues for e-mail archiving

This article identifies some of the higher-level issues in governance and control that can impact the parameters and attributes used in selecting the appropriate e-mail archiving technology.


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