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Abrevity tackles data classification

At the ILM Summit last month, Abrevity introduced its FileData Manager information classification management (ICM) product.

Cost, compatibility are key for VTLs

It’s no secret that disk-based backup is now a top priority for a large number of enterprises, and virtual tape libraries (VTLs) are emerging as the technology of choice for fixing the broken backup-and-recovery process.

Disaster-recovery plans fall short

A survey of 500 IT managers conducted by Applied Research shows that nearly half of the companies do not have a disaster-recovery (DR) plan in place.

EMC refreshes product line

Insignia brand aimed at SMBs

HP acquires OuterBay

Hewlett-Packard recently completed its acquisition of database archiving specialist OuterBay Technologies in an effort to advance its information lifecycle management (ILM) offerings and bolster the capabilities of its Reference Information Storage System (RISS) content-addressable storage (CAS) system.

ILM a higher priority than security

A recent survey conducted by GlassHouse Technologies, a storage consulting and services provider, reveals that IT organizations will focus primarily on increasing storage infrastructure efficiencies and holding down costs this year.

NetApp joins VTL fray

Network Appliance last month kicked off a disk-to-disk backup campaign with the release of two virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and related services.

Survey reveals archiving/backup confusion

A survey conducted by eMedia and commissioned by BridgeHead Software reveals that the process of archiving data is often misunderstood and inefficiently implemented by US enterprises.

Users drive open source storage initiative

Another storage industry group has joined the race to deliver a universal storage management framework, but this time the vendor community isn’t leading the effort.

Business Briefs

Storage In The Studio

CASE STUDIES: Storage stokes the creative process

High-speed data transfers and collaborative content sharing top the storage priorities at DCC facilities.

ILM’s state-of-the-art (storage) studio

Industrial Light & Magic uses high-speed NAS servers with a distributed file system, 10Gbps Ethernet, and a 5,000-node render farm to store and move 170TB of content.

SAN speeds Capital FX’s DI process

Postproduction studio combines a SAN with a shared file system to keep the workflow flowing.

Storage networking options for moving terabytes

Your choices boil down to Fibre Channel SANs, iSCSI SANs, NAS, and InfiniBand-all at a variety of performance and cost points.

Special Report

Combining storage virtualization and iSCSI

Coupling storage virtualization with iSCSI-based IP SANs provides a number of benefits.

New Products

Lab Review

Quantum redefines DLT ‘value’

By giving DLT drives the software functionality of SDLT, Quantum puts the squeeze on DAT with the launch of the DLT-V4.


The good thing about standards…

…is that there’s so many of them. There’s an interesting brouhaha brewing in the storage management standards arena.

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