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Business Briefs


This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.


Data classification: Use brains, not brawn

Data-classification initiatives increasingly rely on business value criteria, necessitating a move toward auto-classification using system-generated metadata.

How to develop a practical storage model

Establishing a strict storage model will help you contain costs and manage capacity growth.

The real state of SRM, part 1

In the first part of a three-part series on storage resource management, we look at what SRM tools are good for-and where improvements are required.

News Analysis Trends

EMC unites SRM, VMware

It has been two years since the last major update of EMC ControlCenter (ECC), but the company this month began shipping version 6.

Hitachi revamps high-end arrays

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has raised the stakes in the enterprise storage game with the launch of a bigger, faster version of its high-end disk array complete with thin provisioning, virtualization services, and a new approach to providing services-oriented storage.

NEC targets US disk array market

NEC, a major player on the global IT scene for more than four decades, is taking a crack at the North American storage market with the launch of a new series of modular disk arrays that can scale to more than a petabyte with zero downtime.

NetApp extends de-dupe beyond backups

Data de-duplication has, to date, been relegated almost solely to the role of a space-saving technology for backup solutions.

New Products


Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer?s guide for professionals.

Special Report

The benefits of SANs for SMBs

Although many SMBs have yet to install SANs, those companies are missing out on advantages in the areas of storage management, capacity planning, asset utilization, and data protection.


Wikibon and predictive markets

As storage professionals, you may already be aware of, or may be participating in, a couple of relatively new Websites/projects, but in case you’re not, we encourage you to check out www.wikibon.org and www.storagemarkets.com.

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