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Benefits of a storage services architecture

One of the objectives of an IT organization is to streamline operations in order to reduce costs, and well-defined and clearly communicated service offerings are essential to achieving this goal.

The new case for open source data protection

The cost advantages are clear, and most of the drawbacks to open source backup software have recently been eliminated.

Business Briefs


This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.


Data de-dupe duplicity

InfoStor has sponsored a number of Webcasts (presented by ESG and the Taneja Group, and archived at www.infostor.com) that delve into data de-duplication. In every case, the most frequent question from attendees is: “Realistically, what kind of de-duplication ratios can I expect?”

News Analysis Trends

iSCSI options proliferate

InfoStor has published dozens of case studies over the last couple of years that have focused on why and how end users are using iSCSI-based IP SANs. In general, it all boils down to the old mantra: “iSCSI is less expensive and easier to manage than Fibre Channel SANs.”

SSDs jockey for position in the enterprise

EMC has been shipping solid-state disk (SSD) drives in its Symmetrix DMX-4 systems for months. Sun Microsystems is prepping new hybrid arrays that mix SSDs and traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) to accelerate storage I/O.

WAN optimization/acceleration

<p>For several years we have been talking about the basic benefits of WAN optimization and acceleration technologies, including speeding data transfers, saving IT dollars on bandwidth, and giving remote users LAN-like access to data and applications. But as the technology evolves, WAN acceleration products have become a true enabler of many data-center projects and, in many situations, a technology that solves problems that would otherwise be insurmountable.</p>

New Products


<p>Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer&rsquo;s guide for professionals.</p>

Special Report

Why you need SRM and SAN management

The storage management software market can be divided into three segments: heterogeneous SRM, homogeneous SRM, and SAN management software.

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