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E-mail management/archiving strategies

<p>E-mail management and archiving issues have captured the attention of storage professionals-as well as their executive managers-because of the rapidly exploding capacities involved as well as legal and compliance issues.</p>

HP merges storage automation technologies

<p>Hewlett-Packard has announced a complete reorganization and re-branding of its portfolio of data-center automation technologies and, in the process, disclosed its plans for merging its Storage- Essentials storage resource management (SRM) software with the server, network, and storage automation products recently gained through the company&rsquo;s $1.</p>

Invista 2.0 bolsters block virtualization

<p>EMC is continuing to build out its virtualization portfolio with the release of the second generation of its Invista block-level virtualization product.</p>

Start-up makes SAN out of servers

<p>Seanodes has entered the storage industry with a novel approach to creating high-performance virtual storage pools from the unused storage capacity found in application servers.</p>

Survey shows rapid adoption of data de-dupe

<p>Market research firm TheInfoPro (TIP) has released the latest results from its ongoing survey of Fortune 1000 IT managers, and it is no surprise that data de-duplication remains atop the list of storage technologies end users plan to spend money on in the coming year.</p>

Users extol the virtues of iSCSI, part 1

<p>In the first installment of our series on iSCSI case studies, we focus on companies that have implemented, or will soon implement, iSCSI-based IP SANs in virtual server environments.</p>

Case Study

Managing growth with storage virtualization

<p>Storage virtualization and thin provisioning help a Midwest financial firm manage server growth, avoid resource constraints, and delay the purchase of a large array.</p>

Esg Insight

Persistent data, part 2

<p>I appear to have struck a chord with one of my previous columns (see &ldquo;IT&rsquo;s new dirty little secret,&rdquo; InfoStor, October 2007, p. 22).</p>

New Products


<p>Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer&rsquo;s guide for professionals.</p>

Special Report

SAS plays supporting role in media and entertainment

<p>In the digital content market, it&rsquo;s all about high speed and high capacity, and SAS (and SAS/SATA) storage systems fit the bill.</p>

SAS product highlights

<p>Here&rsquo;s a quick sampling of some of the SAS products that went into production shipments over the last couple of months, with a focus on products targeted primarily at the channel.</p>

SAS: The cutting edge of blade server storage

<p>Particularly with the next generation, SAS will provide everything that users and integrators need to make the optimum blade-storage connection.</p>


Software is the key to 'green'; storage

<p>To cut power and energy costs, IT should consider data de-duplication, thin provisioning, primary data compression, and virtualization.</p>

Lab Review

StoneFly&rsquo;s iSCSI router links FC storage to LANs

<p>StoneFly&rsquo;s Storage Concentrator i4000 appliance extends Fibre Channel-based storage resources via iSCSI over an Ethernet LAN.</p>

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