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Esg Insight

‘iWikiCloudStorage 2.0’ or . . .?

<p>Do you wonder what the next &ldquo;wave&rdquo; of storage means for your organization? Don&rsquo;t worry: It&rsquo;s not really &ldquo;iWikiCloudStorage 2.</p>

Lab Review

8Gbps SAN delivers blazing speed

<p>Go from 0 to 8Gbps in 10 minutes with the HP StorageWorks 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit.</p>

Case Studies

Block virtualization: Switches, appliances, arrays

<p>It seems as if the argument over where block-level virtualization should reside has been around since the dawn of SANs.</p>

Business Briefs


This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.

Special Report

CDP moves into the maturity phase

<p>After a slew of acquisitions, the continuous data-protection (CDP) market is maturing, and the debate between &ldquo;true CDP&rdquo; and &ldquo;near CDP&rdquo; is no longer an issue for most IT organizations.</p>


Does SaaS for storage makesense?

<p>Although the acronym &ldquo;SaaS&rdquo; doesn&rsquo;t work well in the storage market&mdash;because we already have a SAS, as in <em>Serial Attached</em> SCSI&mdash;Software as a Service (SaaS) as applied to storage applications may be one of the hottest trends this year.</p>

News Analysis Trends

EMC upgrades CDP, launches VTL

<p>EMC recently began shipping two additions to its data-protection portfolio, including a new version of its RecoverPoint network-based replication and continuous data-protection (CDP) software and its first virtual tape library (VTL) system built specifically for IBM zSeries mainframe environments.</p>

HP ships low-cost EVA array

<p>Hewlett-Packard took a long look at its family of Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) midrange SAN systems and decided that the low-end of the EVA line was missing the mark when it came to the cost and ease-of-use requirements of medium-sized businesses.</p>

Start-up commercializes open source storage

<p>The Cleversafe project was launched on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) as an open-source storage initiative with one goal: creating a &ldquo;storage Internet.</p>

New Products


<p>Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer&rsquo;s guide for professionals.</p>


The quest for unified storage management, part 2

<p>In part one of this series (see March 2008, p. 18), we looked at the unfulfilled promise of the Storage Networking Industry Association&rsquo;s Storage Management Initiative&mdash;Specification (SMI-S) to wrangle hetero-geneous storage platforms under a unified management approach.</p>

Focus On

WAFS/WDS product roundup

<p>The market for wide area file services (WAFS), wide area data services (WDS), and WAN optimization technologies continues to grow as end users grapple with keeping distributed enterprises connected with fast access to applications and data over wide area networks (WANs).</p>

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