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Avoiding ‘partial information loss’ in ECM

<p>Enterprise content management (ECM) systems may require data&ndash;protection solutions that go beyond traditional backup&ndash;and&ndash;recovery software.</p>

It&rsquo;s time for primary storage optimization

<p>Capacity optimization is no longer limited to secondary storage. The advantages are the same when applied to primary storage.</p>

The power shift to green storage

<p>The pressure to go &ldquo;green&rdquo; in general, and in storage specifically, is an opportunity to assess and modernize IT infrastructures.</p>

Video storage has unique requirements

<p>No &ldquo;one&ndash;size&ndash;fits&ndash;all&rdquo; device meets the requirements of every video application.</p>

Business Briefs


<p>This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.</p>

News Analysis Trends

Brocade debuts file virtualization box

<p>Brocade recently announced a new twist on its file virtualization technology in the form of the Brocade File Management Engine (FME), a 2U in&ndash;band network appliance that automates the movement and management of file data in Windows environments.</p>

CAS systems make the grade

<p>It has been several years since content&ndash;addressed storage (CAS) systems emerged to assuage end users&rsquo; fears that the pressures of regulatory compliance would ultimately result in a long&ndash;term stay in a sanitarium.</p>

Energy concerns impact secondary storage

<p>While much of the recent attention paid to data&ndash;center power and cooling concerns has focused on servers and primary storage systems, a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Research survey of 398 North American IT decision&ndash;makers found that energy&ndash;related issues are also affecting organizations&rsquo; secondary storage purchase decisions.</p>

FalconStor releases IPStor 6.0

<p>FalconStor Software recently announced that it is taking a new tack toward selling its data&ndash;protection software with a round of upgrades as well as a change in its selling strategy that will see its IPStor technology sold as separate products rather than as a single software suite.</p>

HDS beefs up search for NAS, archiving

<p>Addressing the tricky task of searching and retrieving unmanaged data in the data center, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has introduced a new file and content services product that delivers common search, retention, movement, and protection of data across NAS and content archive environments.</p>

Pillar addresses virtual servers

<p>In an effort to overcome performance and capacity utilization problems associated with deploying traditional storage systems in support of virtual server environments, Pillar Data Systems has introduced a set of pre&ndash;configured application profiles for its family of Axiom disk systems designed to improve the storage provisioning process for virtual machines.</p>

Symantec updates Storage Foundation

<p>Symantec has announced the newest versions of its high&ndash;availability storage and server management software&mdash;Veritas Storage Foundation 5.</p>

Virtual servers meet VTLs

<p>The explosive growth of server virtualization is fueling a change in the way end users evaluate and ultimately choose their backup systems.</p>

Special Report

How server virtualization affects storage

<p>An ESG Research survey of virtual server users reveals some interesting storage technology and implementation trends.</p>

New Products


<p>Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer&rsquo;s guide for professionals.</p>

Analyst View

Sense and sensibility about tape and disk

<p>The rise of disk&ndash;based backup&ndash;and&ndash;restore technologies, most notably virtual tape libraries (VTLs), has been well&ndash;documented.</p>


Virtual reality sets in

<p>According to IDC, the number of virtual servers deployed will rise at a 41% CAGR through 2010, resulting in almost 8 million virtual servers implemented on 1.</p>

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