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Benefits of iSCSI and virtual servers

<p>iSCSI SANs provide a solid foundation for virtual servers.</p>

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Data Domain boosts de-duplication performance

<p>Data Domain has moved from dual-core to quad-core processors to deliver a new data de-duplication system that boasts a 75% boost in performance, more capacity, and extended support for remote office replication.</p>

HP announces 'extreme NAS'

<p>Hewlett-Packard plans to deliver in the fourth quarter the HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System (ExDS9100), a high-performance, high-capacity NAS system specifically built to house and serve file-level data for businesses with multi-petabyte storage requirements, such as Web 2.0, digital media and other large enterprises.</p>

VMware automates DR for virtual servers

<p>VMware has announced a new tool for disaster-recovery management and automation in virtual server environments with the recent launch of VMware Site Recovery Manager, a software product that works with VMware Infrastructure, VMware VirtualCenter, and replication software from third parties to automate disaster-recovery planning, testing, and execution processes.</p>

What&rsquo;s a &lsquo;next-generation FC array?&rsquo;

<p>The Taneja Group research and consulting firm has produced a report, titled Next Generation Fibre Channel Storage Systems Market Forecast: 2007&ndash;2011, that provides market size estimates/predictions, as well as a taxonomy that describes various segments of the Fibre Channel disk array market.</p>

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