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This section takes on late-breaking business and partnership news written for industry insiders.


Disaster-recovery management comes of age

DRM collects information from DR processes to identify vulnerabilities in the recovery paths. It mitigates these gaps by repairing them or providing administrators with detailed, actionable reports, which fulfills many DR requirements.

News Analysis Trends

NetApp de-dupes competitors' arrays

NetApp has fired a shot across the respective bows of its competitors with the announcement that its V-Series family of storage virtualization controllers can now front-end primary storage systems from any vendor with virtualization and data de-duplication capabilities.

Pivot3 combines server, storage virtualization

Pivot3 is hoping to break out of its niche role as a storage provider for the digital video surveillance market with the debut this month of a new platform for the masses that runs both server virtualization and storage virtualization on one massive IP storage cluster.

Storage buyers battle weak economy

Economic downturns typically touch off budget cuts, and if IT buyers have not felt the squeeze yet you will: It’s coming and coming fast. As a result, some promising new storage technologies are facing an uphill battle in terms of adoption and others may be shelved altogether.

New Products


Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer?s guide for professionals.

Special Report

SSD flash drives enter the enterprise

<p>Solid-state disk (SSD) drive manufacturers have solved most of the problems associated with flash memory technology, paving the way for use in enterprise-level storage systems.</p>

Esg Insight

What&rsquo;s in a name?

You know that awkward feeling; it happens in a meeting with a client or a vendor, or with your team or your manager.

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