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2Gbps Fibre Channel coming this year

Even though 1Gbps Fibre Channel is still in the early adoption stages at IT organizations, a number of vendors have already demonstrated 2Gbps (200MBps maximum bandwidth per loop or channel) Fibre Channel products. Examples include Agilent Technologies, Ancot, Emu-lex, Eurologic, Finisar, QLogic, and Seagate Technology.

CommVault prepares to launch Galaxy

This month, CommVault Systems plans to formally announce Galaxy, a storage management suite initially targeting enterprise-class NT environments

Compaq, HighGround announce SAN alliance

Compaq Computer and HighGround Systems announced a wide-ranging partnership last month that could help Compaq deliver storage resource management functionality to multi-platform storage area networks (SANs).

Fibre Channel components on fast growth path

As evidence that Fibre Channel-based storage area networks (SANs) are gaining momentum at IT organizations, shipments of Fibre Channel devices continued on a torrid pace last year, a trend that is expected to continue this year.

HP consolidates NT storage

Taking aim at former partner EMC, Hewlett-Packard last month unveiled a Windows NT storage consolidation initiative consisting of products and services. According to a survey conducted by Find/SVP more than 75% of IT managers are consolidating their NT storage.

Optical advances to boost capacity, speed Startup promises 140GB; Maxoptix bets on OSD

Growing mountains of data are forcing the storage industry to develop innovative approaches to keep up with demands. As a result, storage administrators should see significantly higher capacity optical drives and media by the end of the year.

Seagate to acquire XIOtech

Seagate Technology announced plans last month to acquire XIOtech Corp. for approximately $360 million in stock. The acquisition marks the disk-drive manufacturer's entrance into the subsystem market XIOtech's flagship product, the Magnitude RAID array, is designed for

STA clears up SCSI naming confusion

After months of political infighting, the SCSI Trade Association (STA) recently firmed up the nomenclature for current and next-generation SCSI devices.

STK regroups, exits solutions business

StorageTek last month outlined the first phase of a broad reorganization plan, which calls for the reduction of 1,600 to 1,750 positions by mid-year, a recommitment to key product areas, and an immediate exit from cost- prohibitive businesses.

Analysts View

Analysts View: NAS market review and projections

According to International Data Corp.'s Server Workloads, 1997-2002 study, 23% (or $15.5 billion) of the $67.6 billion general-purpose server market is currently applied to the prosaic task of file serving.


Application recovery: Is your head in the sand?

The prevalence of distributed business applications running in diverse, multi-vendor computing environments has created new data management challenges

Three ways to approach SAN deployment

As a storage professional, you know storage can no longer be relegated to the backwaters of IT planning. According to Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, a storage market research firm in Santa Barbara, CA, enterprise storage requirements are growing at around 60% annually.


CONNECTIVITY: Prepare for the shift to switched fabrics

The road from PCI's shared-bus architecture to InfiniBand switched fabric architecture is through PCI-X.

STORAGE MANAGEMENT: Using CIM and WBEM for management

SNIA recently demonstrated storage management using the Common Information Model and Web-Based Enterprise Management standards.

STORAGE SYSTEMS: Drive/controller advances for SANs

Technologies include XOR, multi-port, full duplex, multiple exchanges and sequences, independent LIP controllers, outstanding credits, LRCs, and LUN mapping.

STORAGE SYSTEMS: Fibre Channel SANs: an overview

A look at storage area network benefits, the Fibre Channel interface, and network components.

Lab Review

HP delivers a midlife kicker for DDS DAT

To decrease the heavy costs of "rip-and-replace" tape technology upgrades, try to preserve your existing investments.


M&A action bodes well for storage buyers

Fueling an ongoing trend, the storage industry rang in the new year with a number of interesting mergers, acquisitions, and corporate investments. Although I hate to see small, innovative companies gobbled up by big, bureaucratic companies, it's good news

New Products

Raidtec ships NAS engine, server

Raidtec has begun shipments of a network-attached storage (NAS) engine for OEMs and systems integrators, as well as a server based on the engine.

Special Report

SPECIAL REPORT: NAS comes out of the shadows

Network-attached storage (NAS) can provide scalability, manageability, and file-sharing benefits to a diverse user base.

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