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3ware delivers storage over TCP/IP

This month, 3ware Inc. began shipments of a RAID array that allows the transmission of block-level SCSI data over Gigabit Ethernet LANs or subnet SANs

Entrada to ship 'SAN-over-IP' router

Aiming to get a foothold in the nascent market for communications gear that enables companies to link storage area networks (SANs) over Internet Protocol (IP) networks

Lucent, Vixel deliver FC over IP

This month, Lucent Technologies began customer trials of a version of its OptiStar EdgeSwitch that can handle OC-12, OC-48, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel traffic

RAID<sup>n</sup> to increase reliability

At last month's Comdex show, Land-5 Corp. unveiled technology that it claims will increase reliability compared to traditional RAID levels, or architectures

SRM tools help manage storage resources

Which employees use the most disk space, and why? What's the best way to partition disk space on a storage area network so that all multi-platform servers have access to it?

Users identify key storage issues

At the recent Storage Networking World conference, users dispelled doubt over storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) adoption, revealing strong support for both technologies

Veritas adds server-less backup

Veritas Software recently announced the Vertex Initiative, a phased-in strategy that is largely based on its snapshot backup technology


Advantages of SAN appliances

SAN appliances solve many of the problems that plagued first-generation implementations

Evaluating SAN professional services

Need help deploying a best-of-breed SAN solution? Professional service providers can lay the cornerstone for success

Managing the explosive growth of e-mail

Companies need an e-mail management system that cuts costs and improves archive and retrieval times.

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Tantia Technologies</b>, a wholly owned subsidiary of <b>BETA Systems Software AG</b>, announced an agreement with <b>Hewlett-Packard</b> in which HP will offer Tantia's Harbor Backup and Tantia File Transfer software to its customers


Cisco, NetApp among top six SAN vendors (?!)

I'm having a hard time interpreting the results of an end-user survey on storage area networks (SANs), conducted by Enterprise Management Associate

Case Study

Disk monitoring tools conserve capacity

EDS uses a number of disk monitoring and reporting tools as well as quota management software to manage Windows NT storage capacity

EchoStar Communications builds large-scale SAN

Deployment of a storage area network posed challenges and required third-party help from CNT, but the benefits are expected to outweigh the costs

Analysts View

Interoperability: The storage networking challenge

The vendor community has to involve end users in the standards process to avoid mistakes of the past


NAS and SAN cost considerations

Each architecture has unique advantages, but NAS usually offers lower total cost of ownership.

New Products

New Products

<b>Brocade to ship 64-port 'integrated fabric'</b><br>Partly in response to competition from 32-port and 64-port director-class switches, Brocade has announced a 64-port integrated switch configuration

Lab Review

OpenBench Labs pits LTO against Mammoth-2

Benchmark tests show that the actual performance advantages of LTO over Mammoth-2 fall far short of the theoretical advantages

Special Report

Tape Backup Strategies for NAS

Library vendors look to solve NAS backup issues with NDMP-centered architectures.

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