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Adaptec pushes "EtherStorage" spec

Paralleling an effort by IBM and Cisco (see story on this page), Adaptec has submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) a proposed standard for running SCSI-over-TCP/IP networks such as Gigabit Ethernet.

Compaq adds SAN building blocks

Compaq has continued its methodical storage area network (SAN) product and services rollout by shipping new management tools and hardware devices that add to its growing number of building blocks for heterogeneous SANs.

Gadzoox, Lucent forge FC-over-IP links

Gadzoox Networks and Lucent Technologies are partnering to develop a specification that will enable the transmission of Fibre Channel traffic over Inter-net Protocol (IP) networks, such as Gigabit Ethernet.

IBM, Cisco propose SCSI over TCP/IP

Nishan sketches SoIP SAN plan. Without fanfare, IBM and Cisco Systems have submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force a proposed standard for running SCSI over TCP/IP networks.

Imation to provide Jiro code

Imation and Sun Microsystems have announced a co-development plan that calls for Imation to develop Jiro-based management software for Sun's network storage products.

QLogic to acquire Ancor

QLogic last month announced plans to purchase Fibre Channel switch vendor Ancor Communications in an approximately $1.7-billion stock swap. Officials at Aliso Viejo, CA-based QLogic say the acquisition will enable them to broaden their Fibre Channel product line while positioning the company to address future market issues and technologies.

STA outlines SCSI road map

Showing that the venerable interface still has plenty of life left, the SCSI Trade Association recently outlined the next two generations of the specification. The current generation is Ultra160 SCSI, with a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 160MBps.

Startup challenges FC hub vendors

With interoperability and management issues still being resolved, many storage system providers prefer to deploy SANs in smaller, more manageable steps.

Storage software continues to thrive

It's a good time to be a storage software vendor. Buoyed by Internet-driven data growth and an overall IT personnel shortage, 1999 worldwide revenues from storage software licenses rose 47% over 1998, from $2.9 billion to $4.2 billion, according to a recent report from Dataquest.

Storage Management

Backup strategies for NAS and SAN

A distributed backup approach may provide advantages in network-attached storage and storage area network environments.

Make way for "data-aware" SAN appliances

Second-generation SANs may include intelligent "appliances" that improve performance while simplifying deployment.

SAN assurance testing

Validate interoperability, performance, and fail-over scenarios with SAN assurance testing.

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

OTG Software has acquired xVault Inc.; Last month, CommVault Systems and Microsoft extended an alliance; Fujitsu Siemens recently selected Adaptec's SmartRAID VI Decade controllers; and more.


I/O architecture: From PCI to InfiniBand

The successor to the PCI bus is based on a switched-fabric architecture that provides a number of I/O advantages.

Ultra160 SCSI defines new performance level

Three key features differentiate the new standard from its predecessors.


It's time for SAN appliances

For years, a simple concept has plagued end users and systems integrators who have valiantly tried to implement storage area network (SAN) technology: How do I keep one system from stomping all over the file system of another?

New Products

New Products

Intel ships Ultra160 SCSI RAID controller; LSI ships high-end array; Gadzoox enters FC-SCSI router fray; and more.

Lab Review

RAID benchmarking workload analysis

Tips on benchmarking RAID arrays with testing tools and simulated workloads that reflect actual workloads.

Ultra 160 SCSI enters the limelight

Benchmark tests on Quantum and Seagate drivers, and Adaptec and QLogic controllers, reveal impressive performance gains.

Special Report

RAID, Fibre Channel reach optical storage

New technologies may open up new application areas, but user acceptance is expected to be slow.

Case Study

SAN delivers six-month payback for Showtime

In-house ad agency uses a storage area network and file-sharing software to double productivity (while reducing staff).


Storage and networking converge (but that doesn't mean that NAS = SAN)

Recent events have had us scrambling to locate our dusty "How Networks Work" textbook, and calling our colleagues on network-specific publications.

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