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BakBone launches NetVault in North America

This month, BakBone Software boldly entered a market dominated by Computer Associates, Legato Systems, and Veritas Software by launching its flagship NetVault software in the North American market

CreekPath enters SSP arena

CreekPath Systems, a spin-off from Exabyte Corp., last month jumped into the crowded storage service provider (SSP) market. The launch came two weeks after the successful initial public offering of SSP pioneer StorageNetworks Inc. (SNI)

CrosStor unifies NAS and SAN

CrosStor Software Inc. (formerly Programmed Logic Corp.) recently announced "CrosStor SAN," OEM software that provides an extension to the company's widely deployed "CrosStor NAS" technology

ECCS combines DAS, NAS, SAN

ECCS Inc. recently announced its SANStar network storage engine, which is designed to unify disparate data sources, whether they are based on direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage (NAS), or storage area network (SAN) architectures

HDS strikes with Freedom 9900

This summer saw a spate of announcements in the high-end disk array arena. Following announcements by Compaq (which will resell IBM's "Shark" arrays), EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Sun, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) last month

IBM and Compaq unite

In a potential threat to EMC, IBM and Compaq last month announced an agreement to resell each other's storage software and devices (including IBM's "Shark" Enterprise Storage Servers and Compaq's StorageWorks arrays) on an OEM basis

IBM re-focuses SAN strategy

IBM continues to move forward in its plan to dramatically change the way it goes to market with its storage area network (SAN) products. Under the leadership of Linda Sanford, the recently appointed general manager of the Storage Subsystems Division

NetApp proposes DAFS file-system protocol

A group of storage vendors, led by Network Appliance, earlier this summer announced plans to begin work on a new file system protocol using direct, memory-to-memory file access.

Shugart to enter testing market

This month, Irvine, CA-based Shugart Technology Inc. (STI) entered the market for storage testing tools with the introduction of the first in a series of test, monitoring, and analysis software suites, FIBREcalc and SCSIcalc. STI was founded in late 1998

SPC releases I/O benchmark

The Storage Performance Council (SPC), an independent consortium of storage hardware and software vendors, recently released for industry review a hard disk-based subsystem benchmark

StorageApps enters SAN appliance market

StorageApps Inc. is the latest entrant in the emerging market for so-called SAN appliances, sometimes referred to as storage domain managers

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

Morning Planet has announced an e-community Web site for the data storage industry. DataStoreX.com is designed primarily for buyers and suppliers of storage components and software


Enhancing clusters with SANs

Storage area networks and server clusters are complementary architectures that provide combined benefits.

Linking FC SANs over IP backbones

Existing Internet Protocol (IP)-based WANs can be used to link Fibre Channel-based storage area network "islands."

Upgrading infrastructures to Fibre Channel SANs

The key to controlling SAN implementation costs is to reuse existing hardware and software


Is EMC's dominance endangered?

Over the course of this summer, all of the major high-end disk array vendors introduced new RAID systems, most of which were aimed squarely at EMC

New Products

New Products

Gadzoox FC switch priced under $3,000 * Gadzoox Networks has added two models to its Capellix 2000 series of Fibre Channel switches, with one priced less than $3,000, or $375 per port

Special Report

SAN management software gains functionality

Enterprise systems/network management vendors are integrating SAN management into their frameworks to eventually provide centralized LAN/SAN monitoring and control.


SAN virtualization options

Now that storage area network (SAN) "plumbing" has matured, with a wide array of Fibre Channel products, it's time to turn attention to storage virtualization

Storage Systems

Solid-state file caching boosts RAID performance

For some applications, solid-state disks may significantly increase performance, but preliminary I/O analysis is a must.

Storage Management

Storage virtualization: An overview

Virtualization, or abstraction, can be implemented in many ways, and in many different locations

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