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New Products

Adaptec adds Ultra160 RAID controllers

Taking aim at competitors such as AMI, ICP Vortex, Intel, and Mylex, Adaptec has added three Ultra160 SCSI devices to its line of RAID controllers

News Analysis Trends

Arsenal broadens its SSP reach

Arsenal Digital Solutions (formerly Usendit.com) plans to differentiate itself from other storage services providers (SSPs) by offering a full range of storage services, including primary disk storage and backup/restore, as well as other services via its partners

ATL supports NDMP/NAS/GbE

Next month, Quantum's ATL Products unit is expected to begin shipments of a tape library configuration that solves one of the nagging problems with network-attached storage (NAS) configurations

Cisco takes aim at storage networks

Cisco has set its sights directly on the growing storage area network (SAN) market as its next target of opportunity. In response to customer and partner requests, as well as its own need to develop markets outside of its virtual monopoly areas

Dell taps StorageApps for SAN appliance

Dell Computer has finally introduced its long-awaited SAN appliance, a trip that began with the ill-fated acquisition of ConvergeNet and ended in a partnership with StorageApps

Giganet developing VI/IP for NAS

Giganet, a company known for exploiting the advantages of the Virtual Interface (VI) architecture as a cluster and "server farm" interconnect (5,000+ nodes of its cLAN VI products have been shipped to date), has announced a new initiative called VI/IP

High-performance tape rebounds slowly<br>Users remain loyal to half-inch cartridge

Citing growth in traditional mainframe segments and new-found opportunity in evolving storage area network (SAN) markets, Bob Abraham, author of the Freeman Report, Performance Tape Outlook

IBM first to ship LTO

Steps ahead of its competitors, IBM this month began shipping a new class of high-capacity, high-performance Ultrium-based tape devices into midrange markets, becoming the first member of the Linear-Tape Open (LTO) consortium to lay claim to that space

IT gives storage outsourcing mixed reviews

Storage services providers (SSPs), or storage outsourcers, are cropping up on almost a weekly basis. These companies provide services that go far beyond traditional off-site backup vaulting

SAN Valley pushes IP SANs

SAN Valley has joined a growing number of vendors evangelizing the benefits of IP-based storage area network (SAN) technology

SNI adds services

Fresh off a successful IPO this summer, StorageNetworks Inc. (SNI) has added three services to its portfolio

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Quantum/ATL</b> and <b>Atto Technology</b> last month announced the Prism FC230, a second-generation Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge


Drawing the lines on IP storage networking

End users need to know what their options will be as well as the potential advantages and disadvantages of the various

OSD: The Holy Grail of storage?

Imagine a storage device that can grow dynamically as needed, without interruption of service. Envision this device connecting to any operating system, with simultaneous access to the same data

Storage Management

Five steps to total SAN managemen

As the storage area network (SAN) concept has matured and interoperability problems have lessened, management difficulties have emerged as the last major barrier to widespread SAN deployment

Guidelines for SAN deployment

Focus on fault resiliency, storage resource management, data recovery, and virtualization techniques.

The future of SAN file systems

SAN file systems, some shipping today and some that are in development, are well on the way to offering the IT community a very different model of information usage than the one currently used in enterprise computing environments


It's show time, so mark your calendars

Fall is upon us, and that means plenty of storage-rich trade shows and conferences to choose from. Starting with the October lineup, here are some of our favorites

Special Report

Midrange tape wars heat up

After a brief summer lull, the midrange tape market is again stirring with activity. Linear tape technology is about to take several steps forward, as a new class of drives prepares to ship


SAN fabrics: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce and the Web, there are two facts that seem to remain constant. First, the amount of data is always growing

Case Study

SAN safeguards e-business operations

E-services company requires 100% server-to-storage availability and reliability.

User guidelines for setting storage policies

Storage resource management is the key to monitoring, assigning, and controlling storage capacity usage.

Lab Review

Seagate's X15 puts the spin on performance

The Cheetah X15 is the first disk drive to rotate at 15,000 rpm.

Analysts View

Why storage over IP?

One year ago, the thought of storage over IP seemed ridiculous, and few took the concept seriously. However, a number of vendors were working in stealth mode on a number of technologies that might make storage over IP feasible

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