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Backup strategies for networked storage

A quick review of NAS, SAN, iSCSI, serverless backup, NDMP, snapshots, and DAFS in the context of backup

Data replication provides high availability

Data replication at the file-system level between two independent systems is a high-availability configuration that has advantages over shared-storage clustering

iSCSI: Storage networking for the Internet generation

iSCSI is a natural successor to, and can be complementary with, Fibre Channel SANs and IP-based NAS

Moving from SAN to NAS virtualization

A look at in-band vs. out-of-band SAN virtualization, and the promise of storage virtualization for NAS servers

Part I<br>iSNS: Technical overview of discovery in IP SANs

Internet Storage Name Service is a discovery and name services proposal under consideration by the Internet Engineering Task Force


Bocada takes backup analysis up a notch

At first glance, Bocada's BackupReport software may appear to be just another backup reporting tool, but don't be fooled. Analysts say the software provides a level of data protection that, from a reporting perspective, is unique in the industry

Integrators weigh in on virtualization

As might be expected with a new technology, vendor hype seems to be preceding end-user adoption by more than a year in the storage virtualization space

Snap moves into midrange NAS

Quantum subsidiary Snap Appliances, the market leader in low-end network-attached storage (NAS) devices, is making the move into midrange NAS with its first product to offer near-terabyte capacity

SSPs launch software blitz

While traditional storage service providers (SSPs) have shed the SSP moniker and revamped their businesses to focus on managed storage services and software applications, analysts claim that the storage utility model is still viable

Tandberg previews faster-access tape

Tandberg Data recently gave the storage community the first glimpse of its O-Mass tape technology, which it claims will significantly boost both tape-drive capacity and performance

Trebia readies storage network processor

Acton, MA-based Trebia Networks is taking "system-on-silicon" chips one step beyond traditional ASICs and network processors by introducing a storage network processor (SNP) slated for shipping next year

Vendors demo coast-to-coast IP SAN

Claiming near wire-speed (1Gbps) performance, eight vendors have banded together to demonstrate cross-country connectivity between storage area networks (SANs) in Sunnyvale, CA, and Newark, NJ

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Quantum</b> has filed a lawsuit against <b>Imation</b> to stop it from selling unqualified tape media based on Quantum's DLTtape technology and intended for use in DLTtape drives

Analysts View

Demystifying 'server-free' backup

To understand and implement server-free backup, users must be able to coordinate disk, tape, dedicated servers, networking infrastructure, and software

Storage virtualization needs standards

A virtualization standard that includes attribute information would allow users to cut storage-administration costs, improve performance and security, and provide direct file control


Disk and tape forge new partnership in backup arena

Talk of non-tape-based backup has picked up significantly over the last few months. Vendors such as Legato, Maxtor, and Sony, as well as newcomers Alacritus and Nexsan, have all announced some form of disk-based backup capability, and others are expected to follow suit

Virtual(ization) reality

On the Website, "virtualization" was second only to "iSCSI" as the word most frequently typed into our search engine over a recent period (see October 2001, p. 6)

Lab Review

Hands on with Veritas' SERVPoint for NAS

ITIS Services puts Veritas SERVPoint Appliance Software for NAS through its paces and is impressed with the results.

Special Report

Making the case for optical storage

An all-encompassing look at today's optical formats.

New Products

New Products

Based on FalconStor's IPStor software, Dot Hill Systems' SANnet Axis appliance provides storage virtualization and other applications while supporting protocols such as SCSI, Fibre Channel, and IP


What is the role of IP storage in SANs?

Separating hype from reality, with an eye on geographically distributed network storage

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