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Archiving data to DVD

Despite many stumbling blocks, DVD may be poised to emerge as a viable data archiving medium

Extending SANs to IP networks

Fibre Channel over IP is an efficient way to link geographically dispersed storage area networks, and iSCSI is waiting in the wings

How to extend MSCS data protection

Replication software can extend fail-over protection in Microsoft Cluster Server environments

Multi-service access links SANs

There are a number of different methods and protocols for linking geographically distributed storage area networks

RAID + clusters = low-cost SAN

Simple SANs can be configured with server clusters and Fibre Channel controllers, hubs or switches, and RAID arrays

SLAs guarantee SSP accountability

A service level agreement (SLA) is the key to a successful storage service provider (SSP) relationship

Two ways to build reliable SAN fabrics

IT managers can achieve reliability, availability, and serviceability with fabric switches or director-class switches

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Vixel</b> announced the opening of its $2 million solutions and interoperability lab at its headquarters in Bothell, WA.


Cereva targets Internet storage

Marlborough, MA-based start-up Cereva Networks came out of stealth mode last month when it announced an Internet storage system capable of scaling to almost 1 petabyte (PB)

Dell lowers SAN entry costs

According to a number of end-user surveys, high cost has become the number one impediment to adoption of storage area networks (SANs). Dell hopes to change that with bundled SANs, introduced last month, at starting prices as low as $45,000 for full configurations.

Jiro adoption picks up steam

Sun Microsystems is hoping that recent support from a handful of component and software vendors-most notably, Veritas Software-will help drive adoption of its Java-based Jiro technology

SNIA opens tech center

In Colorado Springs earlier this month, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its 14,000-square-foot Storage Networking Technology Center

SNIA to promote IP Storage

As evidence of the growing interest in IP-based SANs, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) recently formed a group to market and promote emerging standards such as iSCSI

Storage vendors turn to Linux for quick fix

As evidence of the growing appeal of Linux in non-server-specific markets, San Francisco-based Linuxcare, a provider of professional services and solutions for Linux and other open-source technologies

Veritas bolsters storage management

Improvements in clustering and data sharing


Direct Access File System (DAFS)

The following Q&A session was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information


Fibre Channel or IP Storage...or both?

Not that long ago, many IT organizations were in a quandary about how to handle their accelerating growth of server storage. They probably asked questions and offered responses similar to those that follow:

Analysts View

Financial analysts miss the boat on storage

Report lumps together too many quasi-related factors to be an effective judge of a specific sector such as storage.

Lab Review

NetVault leaps beyond blazing backup

Running BakBone's NetVault software with an Exabyte X80 tape library yielded impressive backup and restore performance

New Products

New Products

<b>MTI combines NAS, SAN</b><br>This month, MTI Technology began shipments of a high-end disk array that combines network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) functionality

Special Report

Plugging into SSPs

Enormous capital equipment costs, shortages in experienced IT personnel, and skyrocketing storage demands are driving the move to outsourcing storage services


Storage conference controversies

With a few exceptions (the Gartner Group IT conferences and Storage Networking World), storage conferences are-unfortunately-attended primarily by storage vendors and not the IT managers for whom the conferences are allegedly designed

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