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Auspex stages NAS comeback

With the release of its first network-attached storage (NAS) product since January 1999, Auspex last month made an aggressive bid for a piece of the enterprise NAS market

FalconStor, NPI to merge

Former Cheyenne Software CEO ReiJane Huai is hoping lightning does strike twice. Having sold Cheyenne to Computer Associates in 1996 for $1.3 billion

Fibre Channel switches: 2Gbps, more ports

Over the last two months, virtually all of the major Fibre Channel switch vendors made announcements concerning increasing performance to 2Gbps (200MBps) or increasing the number of ports on their devices

Magneto-optical road map on course

This year, magneto-optical (MO) technology reached a milestone on the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) road map when 130mm 9.1GB (14X) products started shipping

Nishan secures IP storage networks

Nishan Systems is hell-bent on proving that its IP storage architecture-dubbed Storage over IP (SoIP)-works with existing IP-based hardware and software

Princeton pushes 'active archiving'

Hoping to establish a new category of storage/database management software, Princeton Softech is delivering a technology that it refers to as "active archiving" and that some analysts refer to as "intelligent archiving."

Seagate holds out on DDS-5

Although fellow consortium members Hewlett-Packard and Sony have shelved plans to manufacture future-generation Digital Data Storage (DDS) Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drives, Seagate says it is assessing the possibility of bringing a DDS-5 product to market

Storage vendors 'hype' virtues of virtualization

The relatively slow adoption rate of storage area networks (SANs) among end users does not appear to have affected the feverish pace of virtualization announcements from storage vendors this year

Super DLT, LTO face off

No two tape technologies in recent history have generated such heated debate as have Linear-Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium and Super DLTtape

TrueSAN fuses SAN and NAS

TrueSAN says its recently announced Paladin C-series is not just about virtualization; it's also about unified storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) support, scalability, and management

Special Report

Beyond backup: The storage management market grows up

A CAGR of 26% is projected for the software management market over the next five years, with storage infrastructure products becoming the greatest revenue generators

In-depth: Storage Resource Management

Storage utilities and storage networks will require effective management tools such as SRM software

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Storage @ccess Technologies</b> announced the availability of remote enterprise class data-protection services. Based on the @ccess Data Protection family of services, the remote offerings are available via remote direct or Internet connection.


Introduction to Fibre Channel SANs

An overview of storage area networks and Fibre Channel components

The case for SAN SRM applications

The goal is to reduce storage management costs in heterogeneous storage network environments while improving overall return on investment

Analysts View

IP-based storage: The buzz on the wire

IP storage may be the disruptive technology that will democratize storage networking and ultimately help converge NAS and SAN architectures


Make way for IP SANs

With IP storage, it's no longer a question of but . With technology and marketing giants like Cisco, IBM, and Intel leading the charge, IP storage is inevitable

New Products

New Products

Sun Microsystems has added two filers to its network-attached storage (NAS) family, scaling from 200GB to more than 10TB in standalone configurations

Lab Review

OpenBench Labs builds a SAN: Phase 1

The lab's first foray into storage area networks posed some minor challenges and yielded some surprising performance results.


Storage virtualization: In-band or out-of-band

The best answer to the question may be, "It doesn't matter."

The future of storage is in the operating system

A storage-specific operating system could solve many enterprise storage management problems

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