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Benefits of a large HBA data buffer

Host bus adapters with large data buffers and hardware context cache can optimize performance in Fibre Channel SANs

Extending the SCSI bus with expanders

Expanders, or extenders, are the keys to breaking the barriers of the native SCSI cable-length specifications

Next-generation FC SANs: 2Gbps fabrics

Fibre Channel switches running at 2Gbps are just coming to market, paving the way for a transition to 2Gbps storage area networks

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

The <b>Storage Networking Industry Association</b> (SNIA) has established an extension in Europe, thereby expanding its international presence. The SNIA European Forum elected officers and recently held its first meeting in Maastricht, the Netherlands

News Analysis Trends

Callisma enters storage services market

Network services provider and consulting firm Callisma is launching a storage network service business targeting large-scale enterprises and service providers

FIA enters low-end NAS space

FIA Storage Systems Group, the newest entry-level network-attached storage (NAS) player, shipped its first NAS device this month

GE Access launches storage systems

GE Access, a $3.5 billion distributor, recently introduced the first in a series of storage systems that focuses on storage area networks (SANs) with components from some of its partner vendors

Hitachi combines NAS and SAN

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is entering the network-attached storage (NAS) market with products that allow a storage area network (SAN) and NAS to co-exist on the same storage subsystem

HP assembles FSAM pieces

In its first significant multi-product announcement since the introduction of its Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM) strategy last February, Hewlett-Packard last month unveiled several new hardware and software components

IBM NAS servers challenge NetApp

Following up on its st orage networking initiative launched earlier this year (see InfoStor, April 2001, p. 1), IBM is shipping three new network-attached storage (NAS) servers in an attempt to garner market share in a space dominated by Network Appliance and EMC

IBM ships new drive media technology

No. It's not Harry Potter who's wielding a new technology with "magic ability" called Pixie Dust; it's IBM. The company is shipping hard disk drives using its new magnetic technology that promises to quadruple storage capacity within two years

IBM, Hitachi swap APIs

Proof that competitive companies can indeed cooperate, IBM and Hitachi Data Systems last month announced that they have swapped key application programming interfaces (APIs) for their respective storage arrays

InterSAN pioneers SAM technology

This fall, InterSAN expects to deliver the first enterprise-class storage area management (SAM) product that is based on a technology designed for managing the application path to storage

iSCSI camp focuses on interoperability

Even though formal standards may not be finalized until year-end, the iSCSI vendor community will hold its first interoperability "plugfest" July 17-18 at the University of New Hampshire in Durham

Microsoft includes SRM in server kit

In May, Microsoft released its Server Appliance Kit (SAK) 2.0, which includes W. Quinn Associates' Storage CeNTral Storage Resource Management (SRM) technology

SANcastle integrates FC SANs, GbE

This month, SANcastle Technologies began shipments of a switch that allows companies to connect Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) and IP networks such as Gigabit Ethernet

SNIA wages war on interoperability

The Storage Networking Indus try Association's recently formed Supported Solutions Forum has met with mixed reviews

SNIA's move to benefit end users

SNIA's Supported Solutions Forum promises to be good news for IT managers, because it may solve one of the largest problems facing end users: vendor finger-pointing

StorageNetworks targets telcos and xSPs

With the recent introduction of its STORfusion service offering, storage service provider (SSP) StorageNetworks may be changing how xSPs and telecommunications companies enter the SSP market, according to analysts

Surveys show steady SAN adoption

According to a recent report from Peripheral Concepts, a market research firm in Santa Barbara, CA, end-user interest in storage area networks (SANs) essentially remains unchanged from last year

Wind River accelerates TCP/IP Enables iSCSI HBAs/NICs

One of the major hurdles facing developers and users of IP-based storage is the CPU-intensive overhead imposed by the TCP/IP protocol stack

Special Report

CompactPCI RAID in telecom applications

CompactPCI adds ruggedness and reliability to the standard PCI bus

Do your RAID controllers pass the test?

In addition to performance, data availability and protection are critical

Drawbacks to active-active RAID

Watch out for points of failure and performance penalties in dual-controller RAID arrays

RAID Revisited: A technical look at RAID 5

A review of RAID levels, implementations, and RAID 5 write operations.

Analysts View

Fibre Channel vs. IP vs. InfiniBand

An independent analyst provides insight into one of the most pressing issues in the IT storage arena.

New Products

New Products

Joining competitors such as Gadzoox Networks and Vixel, QLogic recently announced the SANbox2-a 2Gbps, 16-port Fibre Channel switch


Reader I/O

Your article, "NAS vendors switching to Windows" (see InfoStor, May 2001, p. 1], is quite Microsoft-biased, and the information about Linux maturity and features set is dated

SNIA's Supported Solutions Forum: Strange bedfellows

I guess the big news last month was the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) Supported Solutions Forum (SSF), which purportedly unites six leading vendors and promises an end to finger-pointing blame games


TCO benefits of NAS versus DAS

A brief look at the total cost of ownership benefits of network-attached storage vs. direct-attached storage

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