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<i>Network Storage 2001</i>: Executive roundtable highlights

The following is excerpted from the executive roundtable discussion at this summer's Network Storage 2001 conference


Alacritus enables disk-based backup

Livermore, CA-based Alacritus hopes to rock the tape library industry next quarter when it begins shipping its Securitus I Disk-based Data Protection (DDP) software into traditional backup-and-recovery markets.

HP outlines iSCSI road map

Ending speculation about its IP storage strategy, Hewlett-Packard said it will begin demonstrating its iSCSI "solution set" at industry events this fall and will deliver first products early next year

HP, EMC get serious about virtualization

Call it what you will-"SAN virtualization" or "Automated Information Storage"-but when it comes to managing increasingly large, data-rich heterogeneous storage networks, one thing is certain: The ability to mask the complexity of these environments, automate activities, and reduce associated IT administration costs will be paramount

McData breaks into storage network management

McData recently expanded into the emerging storage network management arena with the launch of its Enterprise Solutions Architecture.

Nexsan enters U.S. with disk-based backup

Last month, Nexsan Technologies announced that it has moved its headquarters from the U.K. to the U.S. Founded in 1998, Nexsan offers a variety of standard RAID subsystems with ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel interfaces

Novell debuts directory-enabled NAS

Last month, Novell started delivering a software-based network-attached storage (NAS) product that lets users leverage their directories to manage storage

Quantum acquires Connex assets

Quantum is targeting the midrange network-attached storage (NAS) market by acquiring key technology, intellectual property, assets, and personnel from Connex, a NAS manufacturer and subsidiary of Western Digital

Scale Eight receives $23 million in funding

Amid a declining storage service provider (SSP) market, Scale Eight recently debuted its global storage service for unifying file storage access across geographic locations

Sun makes bid to regain RAID market share

The recent multi-faceted pact between Sun Microsystems and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) aims to shore up problems in Sun's high-end storage strategy and gives HDS new distribution opportunities

Tape drive revenue rises, but unit shipments fall

The tape industry is undergoing a sea change, says Bob Abraham of Freeman Reports, an industry research firm in Ojai, CA. While overall drive shipments continue to fall, revenue for all classes of compact tape drives is expected to post a 6% increase this year-in sharp contrast to last year's 19% decline


Building storage networks: The book

Sometimes, trade publications, consultants, and systems integrators just aren't enough. And that can be the case with something as potentially challenging as implementing a storage network. In those cases, you need a book. A book

Analysts View

Demystifying iSCSI, iFCP, mFCP, FCIP, and iSNS

Demystifying iSCSI, iFCP, mFCP, FCIP, and iSNS


Deploying cost-effective database storage

Tips on configuring and optimizing Oracle and SQL Server databases for maximum performance in OLTP and decision support systems.

High availability for Windows 2000

Storage management techniques can boost Windows 2000 environments to rival the high availability of Unix environments

Part I: Building storage networks: A book excerpt

Storage networking is built on three fundamental components: wiring, storing, and filing

Part I: Storage virtualization in 'non-SAN' enviroments

Although virtualization is often associated with storage area networks, its benefits are not new and can be realized in "non-SAN" environments

Special Report

Fibre Channel update: The move to 2Gbps

Expect slow, but steady, end-user adoption as Fibre Channel SANs progress from 1Gbps to 2Gbps

New Products

New Products

MTI Technology recently began shipments of its V-Cache, a shared file caching technology based on solid-state disks


Next-generation I/O: The case for RapidIO

RapidIO is a packet-switched intra-system interconnect that is a potential successor to the PCI and PCI-X buses

Case Study

Utility provider solves backup nightmare

Backup solution is based on an unlikely tape format-DTF-2-but despite upfront costs, the utility expects to save $300,000 over the next three years.

Lab Review

Welcome to wireless network-attached storage

ServeLinux's Xgate provides file sharing for Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux clients-for less than $1,000.

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