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<font color=gray><b>Part II</b></font> iSNS: Technical overview of discovery in IP SANs

Our second installment delves into the details of the Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) specification for device discovery in IP storage area networks

LANs, MANs, SANs, and WANs to converge at 10Gbps

A look at the competing (or complementary) protocols for networking, storage networking, and inter-processor communications

SANs heighten storage security requirements

Not making security part of your storage strategy can be a costly and time-consuming oversight


ATA puts the squeeze on SCSI

Analysts say it is no longer a question of if, but when and just how much market share Serial ATA will take from SCSI over the next four years

BlueArc boosts NAS-SAN architecture

Relative newcomer BlueArc is adding new features and functionality via silicon updates to its architecture over the next two quarters.

Consortium to develop Serial SCSI spec

In November, Compaq, IBM, LSI Logic, Maxtor, and Seagate formed a consortium to develop a serial-attached point-to-point SCSI (Serial SCSI) specification that the group says will complement Serial ATA in entry-level server markets

Inside the SPC-1 benchmark

The SPC Benchmark-1 (SPC-1), a standard performance measurement workload for enterprise network storage, produces both performance and price/performance results.

iSCSI adapter vendors jockeying for position

A number of network interface card (NIC) and host bus adapter (HBA) vendors are poised to enter the iSCSI market in the first half of 2002 with cards that offload TCP/IP and iSCSI protocol processing from host servers

iSCSI SANs inch closer to reality

End users are aware of the potential benefits of building storage networks based on the emerging iSCSI protocol, which enables block-level storage traffic over standard IP networks (IP SANs), but a number of gating factors have delayed adoption

NetApp announces NAS backup device

In further evidence of a developing trend toward backup to disk (as part of a disk-to-disk-to-tape scheme), Network Appliance last month announced the NearStore family of network-attached storage (NAS) devices for backup consolidation

Networking and storage converge on IS-NICs

With the onset of iSCSI, a new breed of interface cards is evolving to support block-file transfers over TCP/IP networks

SPC releases 'standard' benchmark for disk arrays

The Storage Performance Council (SPC) recently announced the SPC-1 benchmark, a standardized test to measure the performance of disk subsystems

Strong growth for SAN and NAS, despite stalled economy

Networked storage will account for 67% of disk storage systems by 2005, according to a recent report by International Data Corp. (IDC)

Tape library vendors embrace iSCSI

A number of tape library vendors recently outlined their plans for supporting iSCSI, and each is going about it a different way.

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Veritas Software</b> is teaming with <b>IBM</b> to deliver storage management solutions for complex multi-vendor environments. IBM will add Veritas' products to its data infrastructure services for platforms including AIX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows


Fibre Channel and IP SANs: An independent view

Four possible scenarios regarding FC and IP SANs exist, and the stakes are huge for both end users and vendors

Snia On Storage

Introducing the Storage Networking Industry Association

The first in a series of articles from SNIA focuses on current activities and future initiatives

New Products

New Products

This month, Crossroads Systems announced the Model 10000 router, the high-end member of its multi-protocol router family

Analysts View

Storage and blade servers: Planning the nuptials

Requirements for blade-server storage could include a SAN, virtualization, and support for multiple boot sectors, mirroring, point-in-time copying, and continuous uptime.

Lab Review

Testing Super DLTtape drives and a 'virtual library'

Our lab combines Quantum's Super DLT drives, Overland Data's Neo Series libraries, and BRU-Pro backup software. The results follow

Special Report

User case studies: TCO and ROI benefits of SANs

Now that the hype has faded, how are organizations successfully deploying storage area networks to lower total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment?


When good terms go bad

Storage virtualization hit the scene a few years ago, initially from a small group of start-ups. At first, the concept seemed straightforward, provided you took the time for a few demos

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