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Analysts advise forming dedicated storage groups

In today's economic climate, few IT administrators are getting the nod to make significant IT purchases, and storage is no exception.

CIM inches closer to reality AppIQ to deliver CIM suite

End users and vendors agree that standards such as the Common Information Model (CIM) will help solve the problems associated with managing heterogeneous storage systems.

Cisco squares off against Brocade, McData

Within the next two months, Cisco plans to begin shipping its first wave of Fibre Channel switches, pitting the company against entrenched incumbents such as Brocade (the market leader in fabric switches) and McData (which leads in the number of director-class switches).

Disk highlights

On the desktop, Maxtor recently made the shift from 40GB- to 80GB-per-platter technology. "We've been 'laggers' in the market on this front, so we decided to go for true doubling," says Bob Silva, senior manager of product marketing, for Maxtor's desktop products group.

HP swaps APIs with IBM, Hitachi

Hewlett-Packard's recent agreements to cross-license application programming interfaces (APIs) with IBM and Hitachi are an interim step for managing heterogeneous environments in the absence of a mature Common Information Model (CIM) standard, according to company officials.

IBM gets serious about SRM

IBM recently acquired three-year-old storage resource management (SRM) start-up TrelliSoft for an undisclosed sum and announced the first product of that merger.

Maxtor exits NAS market, re-focuses on disk

Balancing news of its late-summer exit from the network-attached storage (NAS) market, Maxtor last month announced a trilogy of new disk drives, including an 80GB desktop line, a new ATA family, and a 15,000rpm drive.

Quantum restructures, acquires Benchmark

Quantum last month announced a major restructuring effort with the hope of steering the company toward profitability by the end of its fiscal year.

Software vendors move toward unified management

A recent InfoStor QuickVote reader poll reveals a growing trend in the industry: Users are increasingly looking for ways to consolidate their storage management portfolios.

StorageTek updates SVA,SN6000

StorageTek recently announced an overhaul of its Shared Virtual Array (SVA) architecture, with the introduction of the V2X SVA series and a tape-mirroring software option for its StorageNet 6000 storage domain manager.

Business Briefs

Snia On Storage

Future benefits of object-based storage devices

A SNIA working group is investigating the potential of object-based storage to solve capacity, management, and scalability issues.


Performing Oracle and SQL Server database recovery

Use point-in-time imaging technology to create highly available database environments.

Techniques for scaling NAS environments

By implementing a switched architecture for NAS environments, IT organizations can build scalable, highly available NAS infrastructures. By Stephen Terlizzi


What happened to iSCSI (and InfiniBand)?

The hype surrounding iSCSI started back in 2000, when Cisco and IBM submitted to the IETF standards body a spec for running SCSI over standard TCP/IP networks.

Special Report

Who needs NAS-SAN convergence?

While many vendors are developing products to merge NAS and SAN, end users are just beginning to employ gateways and special-purpose devices to combine the best of the two architectures.

Reader I O

You've got mail!

<b>Q:</b> Our e-mail storage needs are growing like wildfire. We keep adding users, expanding capacity, and now are about to add MS Exchange servers to break up the load.

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