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An alternative to host/array-based volume management

Storage administrators continually face the challenges of volume management, which stem from a number of inherent limitations in disk technology...

Making the case for real-time backup

Many different factors are compelling storage administrators to re-evaluate traditional backup software architectures.

News Analysis Trends

Brocade to acquire Rhapsody

Brocade is expected to finalize its acquisition of Rhapsody Networks next month, in an all-stock transaction that was estimated at approximately $175 million (based on Brocade's stock price at the time of the announcement).

Disk-based backup options multiply

End users are increasingly turning to disk for faster, more efficient, and more reliable backup and restore, and vendors are responding (see figure).

Entry-level NAS race heats up

Network-attached storage (NAS) vendors are targeting small to mid-sized businesses that want increased capacity and performance beyond what typical entry-level NAS has delivered in the past.

HP muscles into ARM market

It's no longer a question of who has an automated resource management (ARM) product, but who doesn't—or more importantly, who has the richest capability.

IBM boosts NAS performance

Midrange network-attached storage (NAS) got another performance kick when IBM recently announced support for Alacritech's 1000x1 Gigabit Ethernet Server and Storage Accelerator, also known as a TCP/IP offload engine (TOE), for its latest NAS devices.

Microsoft touts 'SAN friendliness'

A major highlight of the storage features that will debut next year with Microsoft Windows .NET Server will be its storage area network (SAN) support, including flexible volume mounting, "boot-from-SAN" capability, optimized drivers for Fibre Channel, and enhanced host bus adapter (HBA) management.

SNIA SSF seeks user, integrator input

When developing interoperable storage systems supported by major vendors, the Supported Solutions Forum (SSF) was lacking one thing this past year: end-user input.

Time for a management standards 'reality check'

At the Storage Networking World show in October, 19 vendors banded together to show end users that it is possible to manage a multi-vendor storage area network (SAN) using a common interoperable interface, or backbone, based on the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMIS), formerly known as Bluefin.

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iSCSI and Fibre Channel will co-exist

The storage industry's primary mandate is to ensure data is stored safely and retrieved accurately.

Special Report

iSCSI emerges as a viable SAN option

In the "religious wars" that have raged in recent years, iSCSI (or IP storage) has often been positioned as a panacea that will stretch familiar open systems technology around the model of Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) and make storage easy, cheap, and more manageable.

New Products

Snia On Storage

Vendors, users tackle storage networking security

Storage networking is emerging as the leading technology for managing data.

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