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To The Editor

10Gbps InfiniBand solutions

I'd like to take exception to comments in Bob Hansen's article, "LANs, MANs, SANs, and WANs to converge at 10Gbps" (see InfoStor, January 2002, p. 32)

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

<b>Intelligent Information Systems, iReady, QLogic</b>, and <b>Quantum</b> recently demonstrated an iSCSI SAN linking a facility in Israel with three sites in California


Data security in the 'virtual SAN'

Building bulletproof security when connecting SANs over WANs, while maintaining gigabit speeds, presents challenges

Guidelines for disaster-recovery planning

A solid data-protection strategy involves various backup schemes, media rotation, media management, and choosing the right equipment

SNIA embraces end-user community

Group and individual memberships, interactive discussions, and a Consumer Council keep end users involved in SNIA activities

Tape-free backup/recovery: Requirements and advantages

Virtualization technology will encompass many applications, one of the most significant possibly being backup/recovery

News Analysis Trends

Distributors augment storage services

Recently, several distributors have sharpened their focus on storage, even though they have always had storage-related practices to meet the needs of their OEM, value-added resellers (VARs), and system integrator customers

Fastest SAN growth expected in mid-tier enterprises

Smaller enterprises may be the sweet spot for the storage area network (SAN) market in the next few years, according to a recent survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets and the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

Fujitsu Softek connects the software dots

Fujitsu Softek, which entered the storage management software market less than a year ago, recently announced that it has expanded its OEM relationship with DataCore Software

Intel ships iSCSI host adapter

This month, Intel began shipments of a Gigabit Ethernet adapter that is optimized for iSCSI storage applications, enabling the creation of IP-based storage area networks (SANs)

Netreon addresses low-cost SAN management

Recently spun off from parent corporation Peerless Systems, Netreon is eyeing the midrange storage area network (SAN) market-a segment it claims has not been serviced by more-established SAN management software vendors.

Online vendors provide backup/recovery options

Online backup and recovery is not a new concept but one that has experienced a rebirth of sorts since September 11.

Start-ups preview next-generation technologies

The economic slump hasn't stalled the entry of dozens of new storage vendors over the past year

Sun refocuses on storage

Long criticized for its lack of a storage vision, Sun Microsystems last month made a series of product announcements that some analysts say is evidence of the company's renewed focus on storage.

Veritas adds virtualization

While vendors like DataCore and TrueSAN grapple with storage management from the ground-level up, industry leader Veritas Software is tackling the issue at a different-some might say higher-level.

Virtualization vendors aim for end-to-end management

Recent announcements from storage virtualization vendors reflect a growing trend toward comprehensive storage management and a de-emphasis on individual components, including virtualization.

Special Report

Going the distance with IP storage over WANs

Emerging standards such as FCIP, iFCP, and iSCSI may lower costs and make storage transfers over IP wide area networks affordable to more companies

Reader I O

How, when to integrate 2Gbps switches

Q: I need to add switches to an existing multi-switch Fibre Channel fabric.<br>Should I stick with 1Gbps switches or mix in 2Gbps switches?

New Products

New Products

Inrange Technologies last month announced a series of storage networking products and services-called IN-VSN, or Virtual Storage Networking-that the company says not only simplifies the management of storage networks, but will also enable end users to scale and extend these networks over time


What is the rate of SAN adoption?

It's no secret that storage area networks (SANs) have been the most exciting-and the most hyped-storage trend over the last few years. But how many of you have actually deployed a SAN?

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