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Alacritech, HP boost NAS performance

A testing lab recently proved a significant increase in network-attached storage (NAS) performance using Alacritech's "integrated storage network interface card"

Cisco enables low-end IP SANs — iSCSI router targets FC switches

In a move that may signal the beginning of end-user adoption of IP storage area networks (SANs) and the iSCSI standard, Cisco last month began shipping a router that combines IP and Fibre Channel switching.

EMC targets 'content addressable storage'

EMC last month rattled storage markets with the announcement of Centera—a purpose-built online storage system for fixed content—a partner list of more than 30 vendors, and a new division devoted to Centera development.

Hitachi, IBM consolidate disk-drive operations

In April, Hitachi Ltd. and IBM announced the intent to combine their hard-disk-drive operations into a stand-alone, joint venture company that may become the third-largest drive manufacturer in the world, according to analysts.

Hospital goes digital with Centera

Ellen Maloney, vice president of outpatient services at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, is about to implement a 5TB Centera system along with a picture archive and communication (PAC) system.

Is ASA Veritas' answer to EMC's Auto IS?

At its recent Vision conference, Veritas Software took the wraps off its new software strategy, and in doing so, raised more than a few industry eyebrows.

No big storage surprises in HP-Compaq merger

After eight months of often less-than-friendly banter between pro- and anti-merger groups, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq united without a hitch last month.

Quantum bets on Linux for midrange NAS

Almost nine months after acquiring Connex's assets, including its Linux development team, Quantum has incorporated a Linux-based operating system into its new Guardian 14000 midrange network-attached storage (NAS) server.

SNIA builds two end-user councils

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is recruiting end users to be part of its Consumer Advisory Council (CAC), one of two councils providing feedback to SNIA's vendor membership.

SPC releases benchmark results

The Storage Performance Council has begun posting results of the SPC Benchmark 1 (SPC-1) tests, which are designed to test performance of disk subsystems.

StoneFly virtualizes IP SANs

Last week, start-up StoneFly Networks began shipments of storage virtualization appliances designed specifically for IP storage area networks (SANs) based on the emerging iSCSI protocol.

What's IBM up to with virtualization?

If you're wondering what IBM is up to with virtualization and "Storage Tank," you're not alone.


N+I attendees weigh in on storage networking

I was anxious to see the results from a storage networking survey conducted at last month's Networld+Interop show, primarily because it polled networking professionals who may or may not be involved with the storage side of their businesses.

Analysts View

NAS versus SAN all over again

Some end users are bucking conventional wisdom and using NAS filers for RDBMS-based applications. The appeal: simplicity and cost.

Lab Review

Roll-your-own RAID test results

Our lab builds a RAID subsystem based on a high-availability, Ultra160 SCSI controller.

Snia On Storage

SAN management using CIM and WBEM

Two standards may alleviate management headaches for both end users and management software developers.


Serial ATA: The truth behind the hype

Beyond being a replacement for Parallel ATA (and an alternative to SCSI and Fibre Channel), Serial ATA will provide benefits in NAS/SAN configurations.

Software versus hardware replication for disaster recovery

Replication is the key to a solid disaster-recovery plan, but there are a wide variety of options.

The case for 'storage network appliances'

Simplified management and increased performance are catalysts for reducing total cost of ownership.

Special Report

Storage Virtualization: Classifications and benefits

Virtualization can be confusing because it can be applied to four different areas: storage space, files, networks, and device types.

Reader I O

To collocate or not to collocate

I need to arrange for off-site data storage for a small data center with three servers (e-mail, database, and file server) and roughly 500GB.


Why hasn't storage virtualization taken off?

The problems may lie in the management, reporting, monitoring, and delivery systems.

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