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Microsoft to move beyond NAS

Currently focused on Windows-powered network-attached storage (NAS) software, Microsoft's new Enterprise Storage Division plans to introduce more storage products.

New options may ease NAS management, improve scaling

Venture capital firms have invested big bucks in a new category of storage products that many believe may hold the key to helping end users better manage and scale network-attached storage (NAS) environments.

Overland, ADIC diversify core businesses

Overland partners with leading ISVs, ADIC acquires virtual tape company

Shared file systems help justify SANs

Although storage area networks (SANs) allow users to share storage resources, without a shared (or clustered) file system, users can't actually share data. One of the key advantages of shared file systems is that they allow multiple users or platforms to read and write to the same file or disk volume concurrently.

Start-ups take on SAN, NAS leaders

Storage start-ups 3PAR Data and Zambeel believe they have the products, services, and support in place to compete against a slew of other start-ups in addition to well-entrenched incumbents.

StorageNetworks shifts focus to software

Former storage service provider (SSP) pioneer StorageNetworks is shifting gears to focus on delivering storage management software, while continuing to support its managed service customers.

Vendor group advocates disk-based backup

Acknowledging that tape-based backup can be an onerous task with a number of drawbacks, a group of software and hardware vendors have banded together to form the Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (EBSI).


Brace yourself for an onslaught of start-ups

According to B2B Data Corp. (www.b2bdatacorp.com), 108 storage vendors—the majority of which were start-ups—received funding over the last two years.

Special Report

Countdown to Serial — Helping users weigh their interface options

New drive interfaces will meet end-user demand for better performance, lower costs, and greater flexibility.

Reader I O

Keeping your SAN under lock and key

We are getting ready to deploy a storage area network (SAN) and we are wondering what kinds of security measures to take. Are SANs susceptible to hacking?

Lab Review

Part I: Preparing for SRM deployment

The first of two articles provides tips to help you get started on storage resource management testing, installation, and deployment.


PCI Express and InfiniBand are complementary

PCI Express will be used to connect support chips, while InfiniBand will be used primarily for connecting systems and storage across data centers.

Sorting out SAN and disk drive interfaces

On the SAN front, it's Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI and InfiniBand. For disk subsystems, ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel face serial versions of ATA and SCSI.


RAID options for high-density servers

Options range from software RAID to IDE/ATA and SCSI RAID to chip-level implementations.

Using policies to manage data

Storage policies bring IT management closer to the goal of 'hands-free' management and data protection.

End-user survey: Storage area networks

The Aberdeen Group surveyed 150 ISO managers at mid-sized to large corporations about their SAN experiences. Here are the results.

Snia On Storage

SNIA Education Committee focuses on end users

White papers, success stories, the SNIA Dictionary, and educational courseware serve the educational needs of storage networking IT professionals.

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