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Arrow distributes first IP SAN bundle

Arrow Enterprise Storage Solutions is distributing an IP storage area network (SAN) bundle based on iSCSI products from Adaptec and Network Appliance. This is the first iSCSI host bus adapter (HBA) and native iSCSI target configuration available to resellers through a major distributor, according to Adaptec officials.

Blue-laser optical systems debut

This month, Plasmon and Sony began shipping optical disc drives based on new blue-laser technology. Libraries based on the drives are expected early next year.

Dispelling common backup misconceptions

When it comes to protecting data, users have an increasing number of options, which can make choosing the right product—or combination of products—a gargantuan undertaking for large data centers, small businesses, and those in-between.

IBM, Cisco team on virtualization

This month, IBM delivered virtualization and storage services on Cisco's MDS 9000 line of fabric switches and directors. IBM ported its TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) software to Cisco's Caching Services Module (CSM), a specialized line card that goes into MDS 9216 switches or 9500 series directors. The two companies claim that the integration project has been in development for two years.

Network Appliance acquires Spinnaker Networks

With its recent acquisition of network-attached storage (NAS) start-up Spinnaker Networks for approximately $300 million in stock, Network Appliance is making its move into the massively scalable NAS market that it could not previously target with its pure filer-based approach, say analysts.

New approaches to managing reference information

Although it's one of this year's leading buzzwords, "reference information" is a term that should not—and, in many cases, cannot—be ignored. In fact, some analysts say the sheer enormity of the impending reference information boom begs prompt end-user attention.

Security threats drive users to encryption

IT organizations are redefining data protection to encompass more than just backup, restore, and replication. Today, data protection sometimes means a bullet-proof vest for data on storage arrays, and maybe even tape libraries.

Veritas pushes toward DLM, integration

In what was described as one of the company's most comprehensive product rollouts this year, Veritas last month announced plans to expand and enhance its enterprise data-protection family with a variety of new or enhanced backup, data life-cycle management (DLM), and other management products.

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CIM, WBEM deliver the building blocks of SMI-S

Management is at the crux of any effective storage environment. However, administrators are faced with overseeing multiple management applications, most of which are not interoperable, leading to expensive configuration and integration woes.


Fibre Channel or IP, or both?

Fibre Channel is the dominant protocol and transport for storage area networking (SAN).

New twists on disk-vs.-tape backup debate

In just about every storage-oriented publication you read these days, there is an article that discusses the virtues of either disk or tape technology as a backup medium.

Protecting mid-tier storage investments

Companies are increasingly challenged to find mid-tier storage solutions that will evolve with their business needs. They need hardware and software combinations that will provide a stable path to future growth while reducing IT costs, including ongoing management and training costs. Most importantly, they want solutions that will offer the highest level of investment protection.


From NAS filers and gateways to SAN filers

Thanks in part to simplicity and reliability, the network-attached storage (NAS) market is growing faster than the market for general-purpose servers. By consolidating data on easily deployed platforms, IT managers have found a simple solution to storage "bloat."

IP vs. Fibre Channel SANs

The advent of iSCSI-based storage area networks (IP SANs) is generating some controversy relative to established Fibre Channel SANs as some early adopters have finally climbed onboard and observers are placing bets on the outcome.

Leveraging replication to improve disaster recovery

Although traditional disaster-recovery challenges (i.e., natural disasters, fires, massive power outages) loom as large as ever, organizations that are preparing disaster-recovery strategies today must address a host of new challenges and concerns. Fortunately, new software technologies are now available to help augment current infrastructures to keep business applications up and running.

Take an integrated approach to e-mail archiving

It's almost enough to drive us back to snail mail.

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The year in review, in 700 words or less

The economy didn't help much, but this was still an exciting year in the storage industry. Here are my picks for the Top Trends in 2003, in no particular order.

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