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Analysts share 2002-03 storage perspectives

If one thing stands out from a recent InfoStor survey, it's the general lack of consensus among industry analysts and consultants over the relative importance of end-user storage concerns and the priority end users should assign to various storage technologies.

EMC recharges midrange NAS

Cranking up its focus on the midrange network-attached storage (NAS) market, EMC is leveraging its high-end Clariion gateway technology in its new midrange NAS device, the NS600, which offers high-end features and high availability at a relatively low cost, according to analysts.

EMC takes aim at HDS

Billing it as the company's most significant announcement in the last decade, EMC earlier this month introduced the long-awaited Symmetrix DMX line of disk arrays, formerly referred to as Symm 6.

IBM, HP first to resell Cisco storage switches

Last month, Cisco signed up IBM as the first major OEM of its MDS family of Fibre Channel and multi-protocol switches and directors.

LeftHand Networks delivers IP SAN

LeftHand Networks recently began shipping an IP-based storage area network (SAN) solution that leverages existing Ethernet networks and provides high-end management capabilities without using Fibre Channel or iSCSI, according to company claims.

OPNET adds FC support for virtual network analysis

Building on its foundations in IP and server modeling, OPNET Technologies is offering an alternative to costly "test-bed" approaches used for validating infrastructure architectures and predicting application performance in storage network scenarios.

Sun acquisitions bolster N1 strategy

Sun Microsystems is launching pilot programs for selected customers with products from Pirus Networks and Terraspring, companies it recently acquired to build out its N1 strategy.

Veritas moves into applications management

With its recent acquisition of Jareva Technologies and its pending acquisition of Precise Software, Veritas is expanding beyond its storage-centric roots into application performance management (APM).


Applying storage intelligence to backup operations

Organizations spend millions of dollars on data backup systems and subsystems and millions more each year attempting to manage these systems to ensure the availability of mission-critical data.

Consolidation simplifies storage infrastructures

Data warehousing, data mining, CRM, ERP, e-business, databases, e-mail.

The truth about tape: The market, opportunities, future

When it comes to change, IT administrators are notoriously resistant.

Understanding disk-to-disk backup

End users are increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional backup-and-restore methods, and disk-to-disk backup is looking more and more promising as a way to combat shrinking backup windows.

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IP SANs leverage existing technology

End users and storage integrators find themselves in a quandary these days.

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Keeping pace with trends in 2003

Which technologies will be hot in 2003, and how should I prioritize my spending and evaluation resources?

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What's hot, and what's not

One of our cover stories this month ("Analysts share 2002-03 storage perspectives") is based on a poll of some leading storage consultants and analysts. Among other things, we asked them to rank storage technologies........

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