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Lab Review

Building a SAN for SMBs, part 4: Turning shared blocks into shared files

Hewlett-Packard's NAS 9000 provides a NAS-SAN fusion that combines the best of both worlds.

News Analysis Trends

Building security into storage networks

For Ted Barlow, chief security officer at McAfee, a provider of security products for networking and computer environments, security was an integral part of the SAN implementation process.

CA focuses on integration

In what the company billed as its most significant product introduction since the launch of its BrightStor platform in 2001, Computer Associates last month introduced 13 product updates and a new automation platform-BrightStor Process Automation Manager.

EMC extends NAS family

Adds iSCSI support

EMC strengthens channel relationships

EMC's new "EMC Select Program" signals a subtle but significant change in its relationship with resellers and other partners-a move that analysts say reflects CEO Joseph Tucci's vision of moving the company away from its direct sales, hardware-centric business model toward a more partner-centric approach.

HDS takes aim at EMC, IBM

Virtualization approach stirs debate

IBM (re)-enters iSCSI array market

In mid-2001, IBM became the first major disk subsystem vendor to introduce an iSCSI-based disk array.

IBM lowers NAS-SAN gateway prices

IBM's recently introduced Total-Storage NAS Gateway 500 is a single-processor configuration designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and remote offices.

IT organizations focus on compliance

A recent survey conducted by the Forrester research firm suggests that technology decision-makers are paying significantly more attention to regulatory compliance today than they were a year ago.

Lower prices top FC HBA trends

It's not often that discernable trends occur in the host bus adapter (HBA) market, but a number of factors are driving developments that will come as good news to end users, particularly those at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have been hesitant to adopt SANs due to high costs and complexity.

SRM becomes a priority

Three years ago, most of Jim Damoulakis' clients wanted to discuss technology comparisons, such as which vendor had the better disk array or which switch was superior.

Users adopt WAFS for WAN file transfers

A number of companies have implemented a relatively new category of products that one consulting firm—the Taneja Group—refers to as wide area file services (WAFS) appliances, which significantly speed up file transfers over WANs.

Vendors rev up next-gen LTO drives

Certance expected to ship first

Veritas acquisition adds e-mail archiving

Veritas' recent $225 million acquisition of UK-based KVS Inc. fills a hole in Veritas' e-mail archiving product line, say analysts.

Business Briefs


Disk-to-disk-to-tape vs. replication, part 1

An evaluation of various data-protection solutions shows that IT organizations should consider a combination of technologies.

Network file management solves NAS problems

NFM solutions address file serving and NAS challenges such as file management, scalability, and utilization.

Storage consolidation strategies for Microsoft Exchange

There are a number of storage options for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to get a grip on burgeoning e-mail systems.

Users shift to disk-based backup

An end-user survey underlines the trend toward disk-to-disk backup and the reasons why.

Snia On Storage

Highlights from Storage Networking World

SMI-S becomes an ANSI INCITS standard and is on its way to ISO standardization.


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We tapped a number of smart industry analysts this month to help us out with the wide range of topics covered in our features section.

Special Report

Intelligence in the fabric: Myth or reality?

Despite lack of adoption, an end-user survey shows that storage professionals would prefer to run applications in the fabric vs. hosts or disk arrays.

New Products


What applications require higher-speed Fibre Channel?

Some applications are constrained by today's 1Gbps/2Gbps Fibre Channel SANs, and 4Gbps, 8Gbps, or 10Gbps connections may be the answer.

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